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Writers – Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential! – With Anne & Lori

about writing squared - the supportive writing forum

About Writing Squared - The supportive writing forum

I’m delighted to officially announce a brand new webinar for freelance writers called Writers – Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential!

Lori Widmer, who often contributes here and has her own dynamite blog, Words on the Page, and I have teamed up to bring you some of the best information about running a profitable freelance writing business we know.

And we know quite a bit – combined we’ve got over half a century of experience!  (I know, neither of us seems that old and I can assure you Lori isn’t.)

Our intention is to show you how to:

  1. Know exactly what you really want from your writing business
  2. Recognize how your view of yourself can directly interfere with your profits and what to do about it.
  3. Unlock the incredible value you bring to your business
  4. Find and contract with clients that need exactly the skills you have, and are willing to pay you well. your target clients
  5. Build a referral network that keeps you just as busy as you want to be.
  6. Become  mindful as you approach to your business decisions so you’re decisions are truly effective.

We know we won’t make you rich over night, or maybe ever, but we can help you make that important next step, whatever it is for you, toward the writing business you dream about.

Early Bird Registration

If you register by Thursday, June 16 you’ll get a full 11 percent and a tiny bit more discount on your registration fee. Plus you’ll get free ebooks and become part of the Launch Team for the About Writing Squared Supportive Writing Forum and a chance to win 30 minutes of coaching with either me or Lori.

Quite a deal!

Go read and register now! Now, so you don’t miss the discount.


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