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30 Days of Writing Tips – Day 30 – Take Time Off

writers on vacationOne of the joys of freelancing is we get to set our own hours, and that’s one of the problems too.

Setting our own hours can mean we attempt to spend far more hours working at our writing business than is actually sensible.  When we pound the keyboard day after day, week after week, we set ourselves up for burnout.

To be truly disciplined about our writing we need to include regular time off.

Taking regular, scheduled time off from writing is good for our body, good for our soul and good for our writing as well. The word, recreation, really says it all. We each need to re-create ourselves from time-to-time.

It doesn’t matter if the way we relax is reading a novel or running a marathon, or taking a two-week vacation. In fact, some combination of short breaks with family, friends, and ourselves, longer breaks and true vacations is what we need. We come back refreshed and seeing our writing in a whole new way. Creativity is sparked and our minds refreshed.

How do you give yourself breaks?

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  • Great point, Anne, and one I really need to learn. I feel like I waste so much time when in actuality I’m thinking about what to write for some of my clients. If I write for myself I do pretty well, but for others… you know, research and the like. The last thing I do is plan my time, and thus I get really mentally tired and then feel like I can’t produce anything every once in awhile. Good lesson to try to remember; thanks.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..June 12th- The Internet- And A VideoMy Profile

  • Which we know you’re really good at 😉

  • I take a casual 3-Day, 60-mile stroll. LOL! 😀
    Cathy Miller recently posted..What Superhero Power Do You Wish You HadMy Profile

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