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30 Days of Writing Tips – Day 27 – Schedule Regular Marketing Time

schedule marketing timeJust as it makes sense to schedule your writing time, it also makes sense to schedule regular time to market your freelance writing services. In fact, it might make more sense.

Many writers, even most freelancers bemoan the fact that they have to market their business if they want to earn a decent income, but it’s true. While many love writing enough they get it done, marketing is easy to put off. Actually scheduling time for marketing each day helps avoid marketing procrastination.

How much time should you spend on marketing? The general consensus seems to be 20-30 percent of your working time is ideal – a couple of hours out of every 8 hour day.

What kind of marketing works best for freelance writers? My favorite is the writer’s  website. Also effective is cold calling. Properly done, answering job ads can be a type of marketing.

Make doubly sure you answer any email or phone calls asking for information about your services. Yep, they are easy to skip, or put off. Don’t.

Ask clients for referrals and following up on them. When you get a referral, you’ve got to follow up on it if it’s to work for you. Seems obvious, but that doesn’t always happen.

If you’ve scheduled time for marketing each day you’ll find it almost easy to perform each of these tasks. To be sure, some of these jobs take more than a couple of hours. Building a website is a good example. But imagine what would happen if you scheduled an hour a day for two weeks to work on your website? You’d be surprised how much you’d get done in those 10 hours!

Since my best writing time is in the morning, I schedule most of my writing time in the afternoon. Sometimes, however, I push the writing to the afternoon and use that creativity to sell me and my services.  And when I think I want more work? I add half an hour or so to the marketing schedule.

Like writing, marketing works best when it’s consistent. You need to be just as persistent selling your services as you are with your writing.

How much time do you spend on marketing?

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