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30 Days of Writing Tips – Day 25 – Use RSS To Track Writing Blogs

rss for writersKeep current with helpful blogs by using RSS.

Okay, RSS is geek for Real Simple Syndication. This blog, like most, gives you the opportunity to subscribe via RSS. That subscription, called a feed, appears automatically in an RSS reader.

RSS readers, like Google reader, present headlines of your favorite blogs so you can scan and choose what you want to read.

Readers also allow you to sort the the blogs into categories.

For example, I have a category for freelance writing blogs which has over 100 blogs listed. Then I have a category called fw I follow which is a much smaller collection of my favorite freelance writers. I also have folders for politics, sustainability, etc. etc. etc.  This kind of sorting also allows met to separate work-related blogs from other interests, like gardening and sustainability, making it easer to control my distractions.

It takes me far less time to glance at headlines to determine what I really want to read at any particular time than to go through sites bookmark by bookmark.

Like most software type products, learning how to best use an RSS reader takes a bit of time. And like so many things, the first time you set it up probably won’t be your last because you’ll want to tweak it as your writing business and your life changes. It turns out to be well worth the time it takes because of the time it saves.

How do you use RSS?

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