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30 Days of Writing Tips – Day 19 – Break Up Long Writing Periods

writing scheduleWhen you’re scheduling your writing, consider how long your writing periods should be. Here’s what I mean:

I know that if I’m creating new material from scratch, not rewriting my own or someone else’s work, three hours is the absolute maximum for me at one sitting. If I try to push much past three hours I don’t have whatever it takes to do that much the next day. So I break up writing long manuscripts into three hour bites.  I’ve also discovered that after a three hour morning session, I can often add another hour or hour and a half in the afternoon.

On the other hand, if I’m writing a series of blog entries or other short work, I can easily do four hours in a sitting, sometimes five.

You, of course, will be different. You may be able to grind through say six hours a day six days a week, or even more. But everyone has a limit of what they can do with reasonable efficiency, and in a way that allows them to write again the next day, five days a week.

Find your limits and schedule your work to fit them.

How long can you write in a single session then do it again the next day?

What kind of writing schedule do you keep?

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  • The longest I did was an entire eight-hour day when I was finishing my previous book. I finished at exactly five o’clock! But I couldn’t move my legs after, ha ha.

  • Great idea. I think the most daunting part for me is when I have to put five or so hours into something – who wants to stare that down?

    Love the idea of doing it in increments.
    Lori recently posted..Worthy Tip- This Job- Not That JobMy Profile

    • I’ve gotten old enough so 3 or 4 hours is my limit, with rare exceptions.. has to get done in pieces or I’m in pieces.

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