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30 Days of Writing Tips – Day 18 – Your Writing Is A Business

writing businessI think it’s fair to say that most freelance writers are drawn to the work by a desire to communicate ideas in a personally creative way.It’s the art and the freedom that attracts us.

Successful writers, however – those who learn to earn a decent or better living from their craft – quickly discover they simply must treat their writing like a business.

That doesn’t mean creativity is gone, but it does mean paying attention to time and money.

How you spend your time, including what you charge for it, and how you earn and spend your money are critical if you’re to be comfortable. Being clear on your income and expenses and on your time goes a long way toward helping you establish and continue a profitable writing business.

Devon Ellington outlined Business Planning for Writers in a guest post.

It helps to do some planning about your writing business.

The next step, of course, is putting those plans into action.

There’s no need to fear treating your writing as a business will stifle your creativity – what usually happens in fact, is that providing a business frame frees your muse to be even more artfulness.

How do you treat your writing as a business?

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