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30 Days of Writing Tips – Day 10 – Make Sure Clients Can Contact You

Can potential clients find you and discover how to contact you easily?

I’m amazed at how difficult it can be to find an email address, or website, let alone a phone number of some of my  fellow writers.

Sure your existing clients know how to reach you… unless, of course, they have reason to call you when they are away from their usual base of operations. Then a website with your phone number can be a life saver.

You need:

  • A website with complete contact information. (Yes, some hesitate to put their phone number and address on their sites; I don’t and potential clients call and often hire me.
  • Your contact information in your email signature.
  • Business cards to hand out wherever you go.

Having easy-to-find contact information is a no brainer. Double check right now to see if you’re easy to contact.

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  • I had my phone number up but I was scared and took it down. It’s my cell number since I’m not home during the day, and I didn’t want my minutes being eaten up by crap calls (it’s a prepaid phone). One of these days I’m going to get the unlimited plan and then it won’t matter so much. My email is there, and all my stuff is in my signature.

  • I get scads of spam too and filter and have just gotten really fast at dealing with it… it’s a pain, true and I can’t prove it, but having my number up does make it easy and people do call… have you noticed any difference since taking it down?

  • Food for thought, Anne. I had all my contact info up, but I was getting scads of spam and marketing calls. Perhaps I need to screen better and just keep the numbers up there….

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