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Last Week For BecomeABlogger Forever!

Freelance Writers Learn To Make Money BloggingSome of you may know that I found Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick’s  BecomeABlogger series an outstanding intro in the actual how of making money blogging. I was almost surprised when I received an email from them today announcing that the next BAB class will be the last.

While not quite the end of an era, it is the end of a great class that has helped me and I don’t know how many others become successful and profitable bloggers.

If you’re not convinced, start with their free roadmap to blogging – it will tell you quite a bit that you need to know about blogging. Yes, it includes a pitch for the class, but that’s only fair considering the value of the material.

Or, on the signup page, maybe half way down, you’ll find a series of free videos that are also helpful.

You’ve only got until Friday, May 6, 2011 to take advantage of this class. I hope, if you’ve got any interest at all in blogging that you do.

And yes, these are affiliate links – I make money if you buy the class.


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