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30 Days Of Writing Tips – Day 1

Back in the days of TheGoldenPencil I did a series of tips for freelance writers – 1 freelance writing tip a day for 30 days. It’s time to rework those here.

31 writing tipsOur very own Lori Widmer (Founder of Writer’s Worth Day celebrated every May 15) contributed the first, which turned out to be two:

  • Stop chasing the money! Instead of trying to reach a target amount of money per month, try reaching a target number of clients. If you resolve to gain one new client per month, the money will follow.
  • Contact at least seven current clients and seven potential clients per day. If you take the time to remind the clients that you’re there, you’ll be rewarded with projects.

In my experience, chasing money rarely works. When I think about the service I can offer a potential writing client rather than the money I can make from them, I’m much more likely to get the gig.

Contact 14 clients a day? Mileage will vary, depending on the kind of writing you’re doing and the nature of your client base. You certainly could cold call seven businesses a day, but the real point of Lori’s making is to be consistent in your marketing.

Doing something to market your every day, even if it’s just a couple of calls, will net you more in the long run than the occasional big marketing push.

What tips would you like to add to our 30 days? We could go on forever if we get enough. Post ’em in comments.

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  • Wendy

    “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”
    Charles Haddon Spurgeon

    You can’t have writing tips without telling people to persevere. If you want it bad enough, be prepared to keep pushing through

  • My tip: watch for typo’s that spellchecker doesn’t catch! Read your content out loud… yes, you’ll feel stupid talking to yourself, but it does work!

    The Error is Here:
    If you resolve to gain one new client per month, he money will follow.

    • Wendy, reading out loud is one of my favorite tips.

  • I did try a marketing campaign a few months ago where I emailed ten SEO companies a day for five days. Did that for a month. I did get a few bites but there were a few tire kickers. I need to get back into that again.
    Bill Swan recently posted..The Key Free Marketing Tactic for Content WritersMy Profile

    • Bill, try that approach every day. If ten is too many for you, stick with a number you can get out the door in a reasonable amount of time. Every day. Check back with each one in a week (this means you’ll have to track each email, but that’s easy enough). Pretty soon you’ll have a list of clients who may not buy today, but could say yes on one of those times you follow up.
      Lori recently posted..Quick &amp Easy TrapsMy Profile

    • Yes, as Lori says, keep it up. If it’s seo writing you want, email 5 or 10 a day every workday… and follow through with the nibbles. Squeaky wheel and all that.

  • What a great idea, Anne. And I totally agree with Lori’s. I know some people target the money, and while I think it is good to know where you are versus goals, I’m with Lori that focusing on gaining clients or marketing to existing ones seems to work much better.

    I’ll offer one tip – find the kind of writing you love. Even if you are dreaming of the next great novel, do the kind of business writing that you love – like case studies, ghostwriting, whatever. You have the control so why not enjoy what you’re doing?

    • Great tip, Cathy! I’m the same way. I find what I love and I work hard to build that area.
      Lori recently posted..Quick &amp Easy TrapsMy Profile

      • Eden Dukeman

        Right now, I have been freelance writing for almost a year and I am still trying to discover my niche. I have figured out that I would rather not write certain types of pieces or certain topics. I figured out what I didn’t like by taking on projects that came along just to see if it was something that interested me or that came natural.
        Eden Dukeman recently posted..addictions suppress our passionMy Profile

  • BCH

    Contact seven current clients per day? If I had that many current clients, I wouldn’t need freelance writing tips. On the other hand, contacting seven potentials is good advice. In time that could take care of the first problem.

    • Seven, BCH. If you don’t have seven current or past clients, make it seven more potentials. The idea is to raise awareness among the people you want to be working with that you exist.
      Lori recently posted..Quick &amp Easy TrapsMy Profile

      • Eden Dukeman

        I know when I saw seven current clients I thought that was kind of high. I have four right now and it seems like more than enough work. 🙂

        • It does seem high, but if you can contact seven people – new clients or existing clients – each day, soon you’ll not lack for work.

          Like with everything else, consistency is key.
          Lori recently posted..Whats SmellsMy Profile

          • And if you can’t do seven, do five, or three – do at least three. It’s been my experience that three or more let’s you get rolling. Actually 5 is better for that. But whatever number you choose, do it regularly – the consistency is actually more important than the number.

        • The number of clients totally depends on the type of writing you’re doing Eden… as well as your own skills.

  • Thanks for the mention, Anne. 🙂

    I can think of plenty more, but let’s see what everyone else comes up with!
    Lori recently posted..Quick &amp Easy TrapsMy Profile

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