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Job Ebook Redux – Corrected Link

freelance writingRecently I posted Where To Search For Freelance Writing Jobs – The Ebook, and also sent out a newsletter announcing it.

Somewhere along the line I blew the links to the landing page, aka the sales page – the page that tells you about the ebook and has the links to actually order it.

I got all sorts of messages by email and twitter and it seemed forever until I was pretty sure I’d gotten all the links fixed.

I’d forgotten about RSS. It picks up the posts pretty much as soon as they’re published. So my errors were picked up.

At least I think that’s part of what happened. Some people apparently found the right link because I’m delighted to say I’ve had sales. Not a real surprise, considering the information.

Regardless of what happened, here is the right link:


Thanks to everyone who let me know there was a problem and helped me sort it out.


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