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Where To Search For Freelance Writing Jobs – The Ebook

Where To Search For Freelance Writing JobsEveryone wants an easier, softer way, which is why my job postings were so popular when I did them.

In the beginning it was easy enough to post the few writing jobs that were on the net as a service; soon they became a page-view driver.

For a long time, with ads, I figured I broke about even in terms of time and money earned.

Then, earlier this year, the number of real do-them in your-pajamas freelance writing jobs seemed to explode. It was taking more and more time and it wasn’t long before the time I was spending posting jobs for free was cutting into time I needed for my clients and other projects.

A survey revealed charging for the jobs was unlikely to work, particularly since I tell folks they shouldn’t have to pay for job links.

I tried setting up various feeds, but wasn’t able to assure that the real freelance jobs would be included, and the go to someone’s office and scams would be excluded.

So I quit posting the jobs. I made some unhappy, but most readers seemed to understand.

But, the links I used are valuable and will probably hold for a year or two.

So I put them in an ebooklet – all 59 of them and added some information about how I actually went about the search.

What this means to you

With Where To Search For Freelance Writing Jobs you’ll be able to do exactly the same search I did day after day – the same search that helped many land writing, editing and translation gigs.

The cost is less than $10 – a nickel less. (Study after study proves $9.95 way out sells $10 – which amazes me.)

You’ll be able to work through the links as often as you want, applying for writing and other freelance gigs that you think you want as you go.

Since you’ll only be looking, and not copying into a web page, although I guess you could, it should take you no more than an hour most days, often less.

A pretty good investment I think.

Order Where To Search For Freelance Writing Jobs and download it instantly.

Let me know how well it works for you.


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