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Secrets With Comments

secrets of freelance writingAli Luke who writes about writing at Aliveventures post called Eight Secrets Which Writers Won’t Tell You.

Mostly she’s right (write) on, but some items on the list got a mental comment from me – so I thought I’d share them with you:

  1. Writing is hard – but for me it’s not as hard as trying to conform to corporate life under florescent lights – or even with natural light. I know. I’ve tried both.
  2. Okay, in my case I call it sharpening pencils, but mostly I don’t procrastinate now as much as I used to.
  3. Her number 5 is probably my favorite – she suggests that we “Aim for completion, rather than perfection.” Amen to that one.
  4. Her number 8 sounds like me… push through and keep writing.

Take a look – Ali”s got ways to use each secret, to make it work for you.

Great post. A blog worth following.

What secrets did she miss?


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  • I think she nailed it.

  • jorgekafkazar

    I can identify with the “corporate life under florescent lights” revulsion. More on that: http://flashfictionpost.wordpress.com/2008/09/04/chronokinetic-ghost/

    Regarding Secret #5: Each Piece Exists in a State of Flux – and it’s Never “Finished:”

    As I frequently say: Art is knowing when to st

    • Nice flash fiction post, Jorge. Yes, knowing when to quit is 50%

  • Here’s one – sometimes the job isn’t as tough as we lead others to believe. 🙂 I’ve had some assignments that were so simple it was crazy. Of course, that’s usually balanced by ones that make me lose sleep…..
    Lori recently posted..Randomness on a FridayMy Profile

    • Shhh, Lori, don’t tell that 😀
      Cathy Miller recently posted..Friday Lite ReviewMy Profile

    • Yes, some are true cake walks… and at least for me it seems the simplest easiest often pay the most… there’s a lesson in there someplace.

  • Thanks for the link, and your thoughts — very much appreciated!

    Actually, I agree with you on #1. I’d far, far rather write than go back to the old 9-5 day job…
    Ali Luke recently posted..An Interview with I J Black- Author of the Amnar SeriesMy Profile

  • Devon is the reason I block off time in the morning to do “my writing.” It started from a comment Devon made over at Lori Widmer’s blog that was similar to Devon’s comment here. So, thank you, Devon. 🙂

    I would say, Our writing is not the only thing that is a work in progress. We are all a work in progress. 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Friday Lite ReviewMy Profile

  • Ah Devon, also very true. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

  • There will never BE time to write. You have to MAKE it, STEAL it, WRESTLE it, COAX it.
    Devon Ellington recently posted..Friday- April 15- 2011My Profile

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