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Blogging & The Long Tail

Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.

~Tom Foremsk
Found at Finest Quotes

One of the surprising things about blogging is that an article I wrote five years ago is still available to you if you happen to type in the right search words or phrases.

This is a new phenomena.

Writing for print publications mean your writing has a limited shelf life. Oh sure, lots of stuff has gotten put on microfiche, and some of that is now migrating to the web, but either process is pretty ugly and of limited usefulness. These items are likely to fall into specific collections and if you don’t happen to be looking there, you’re unlikely to find them.

Books too wear out. Even when printed on acid free paper they get worn. The really good ones will be preserved, the rest will disappear either into the net, usually through some sort of hard-to-search photographic process or just be gone.

Blog posts, on the other hand, seem likely to go on forever – or at least as long as we’ve got electricity and computers, or something like them.

Chris Anderson occasionally blogs about the Long Tail over at Wired Blogs and there’s some fascinating stuff there. What it seems to boil down to is that a product, particularly a digital product, can sell for years and years after it was first issue, and that long sales tale can actually add up to more than the when the product was offered with a flurry of marketing.

My estate may be collecting Adsense money long after I quit blogging.

It’s interesting to realize that what seems like a casual conversation on a blog may actually last longer than any other sort of communication we know about to date?

How long do you expect your blog to last?

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