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You Win Even If You Don’t

Writers WinA bonus of being a freelance writer is that everything that happens to us is grist for our writing mill.  I got to thinking about this when I responded to a comment Sal made in response to How To Pick A (Writing) Coach.  He wanted to know a bit more about finding a coach and after answering his question directly I added:

Let me suggest something I didn’t include in the article… a session or two with a coach won’t hurt you even if it’s the wrong coach – it’s not like getting married. You’re bound to learn something even if its what you don’t want – which isn’t a bad thing.

At the time I was thinking of the time I went to a counselor who I knew after a couple of sessions was all wrong for me. In the process of deciding to quit him I realized I really did have many answers for myself about my own life. Because of that experience I learned a little bit more about trusting myself.

Note too, that although that happened maybe 20 years ago I’ve finally found a way to write about it. 😉

Of course I truly believe that it’s my attitude about what happens that determines if I feel a sense of winning or loosing. Put another way, there’s always something I can learn about myself, I can become more mindful and therefore more peaceful no matter what happens.

As a writer, however, I’ve got another plus – and that’s I can turn that experience into a piece of writing that may very well help someone else and may also put some money in my pocket.

How cool is that?

When have you turned a seeming loss into a win?

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  • Every day I turn my losses into wins in my blog. I have a difficult life right now, with kids with health problems and such. There’s a lot of struggle, but writing about it with humor makes for good therapy for me and a blog that speaks to people who deal with the same thing.
    Brenna recently posted..Caption this photo!My Profile

  • “As a writer, however, I’ve got another plus – and that’s I can turn that experience into a piece of writing that may very well help someone else and may also put some money in my pocket.”

    And that is what makes a freelance writer a professional….the ability to make sense out of something for everyone else.
    Bill Swan recently posted..On Marketing and Relating to WritingMy Profile

    • 😉 – it can also drive your friends and enemies crazy.

  • I try to think of rejections this way. Even though I may be a little disappointed, I am a) now free to move on to another market and b) already have the query pretty much written – I just have to give it a little tweak to fit the new market in most cases. And c) I can try pitching another idea to the same market and in some cases, depending on the level of detail in the rejection letter, I now have a better idea of what the editor is looking for.

    (P.S. That guinea pig photo is sooo cute!)

    • Good strategy with rejections… and I thought the guinea pig was cute too.

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