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Should You Blog For Love Or Money?

bloging for love or moneyWhen blogging first got started the core idea was not unlike a public diary. Initially they were called weblogs which came from a sort of inside joke among early bloggers who said “we blog.” It probably ran something like “we live, we breathe, weblog.”

Back in the early 1990s blogs were updated webpages and it was hard to tell the difference between a blog and a zine – at least online.

At that time web pages, zines (which were often online versions of fanzines) and blogs were simply labors of love.

By the mid 1990s the web was becoming commercialized, and that became true of blogging as well. Bloggers began to want to earn money one way or another – they wanted to get paid for their writing, a concept we all recognize.

Some people still blog without any thought of earning money from their blog. They do it simply for the love of communicating with their readers. They want the interaction blog commenting can bring.

Not a few of the people who originally started a blog with no thought of earning money discovered they had enough readers to warrant adding some advertising or offering a product or service. Their labor of love became a profit center.

Entrepreneurs often begin blogs strictly with the purpose of making money. Many people fall somewhere in between.

When I started with miningco.com, the original About.com I wanted three things – the stipend they offered, a community of writers, and the opportunity to showcase some of my work. None of us suspected that they would morph into a blog-posting format. In fact, I suspect most of About.com’s readers don’t recognize the sites as blogs.

As more and more people came online my traffic and income there grew and when I left I had a glimmer that blogging on my own, blogging about a topic I love – freelance writing – could in fact make money for me.

So should you blog for money or love? My answer is that if you blog it should be for both.

You need the passion to sustain your output and it’s awfully nice to get paid for doing what you love.

Do you have questions about blogging for money?

Secrets of a Money-Making blog now open – go for it.


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  • I agree….both. I love posting on my blog, it’s fun. Since it helps brand my travel company I feel over time visitors will consider doing business with me.
    Sondra recently posted..Carnival Cruise Has A New Ship With Old TraditionsMy Profile

  • You should blog for love but there’s nothing wrong with making money. I say it that way because those people who blog for money end up not knowing what to write about, write content that’s boring, and often end up stealing from other people or hiring someone or quitting. If you blog for love, it shows in what you write, and you have the capability of convincing someone that maybe you’re trustworthy enough to buy from.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Even Top Bloggers Think It’s Mainly About ContentMy Profile

  • Definitely both! Some of my blogs entries represent my best work, much more interesting and creative than the articles I make my living writing (and yes, I try to bring that creativity to my paid work, but sometimes the content and venue for the work are limiting). I’d like to get paid for work I like doing. Who doesn’t, right?
    Brenna recently posted..The Girl tries to sort out that whole death thingMy Profile

  • In all honesty I started a Blog as a means to keep me in the habit of writing.

    I wanted to blog about something that could possibly help others. As a newbie to freelance writing I had a myriad of questions and I have found many answers. The idea struck me to write about my experience as a freelance writer. This would keep me in the habit of writing and allow me to provide information that could help others. It’s a win-win!

    Now that I have a Blog I am moving into how to turn that Blog into money. Why not get paid to do what you love? It’s not a bad idea. 🙂

  • Both, for sure. I do both now. I think blogs focused strictly on earning money often fail. Miserably. You have to have a passion about it, and you have to believe what you’re presenting and have a vested interest in the conversations. I see a few bloggers right now who are focused purely on driving traffic and cash. It’s obvious, and it’s a short-term solution. You may be getting pennies or even dollars from those ads and clicks, but the audience and whether their needs are being met should be paramount.
    Lori recently posted..Thievery- Deceit- and Copyright StompingMy Profile

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