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9 Top Reasons Why Writers Should Blog

freelance writing blogsYou know I believe you should have your own website or blog as a self-promotion tool – reason #1 below – but there are some darn good reasons why you might want to create a blog about something else.

  1. Using blog software you can create a website promoting yourself without a designer and that’s easy to change.
  2. A blog can bring great discipline to writing – something every successful writer needs
  3. Blogging can give you a way to talk to the world about things that are important. My WhenGrandMotherSpeaks is a classic example of this.
  4. You can establish yourself as an expert with a blog – on just about anything.
  5. Blogs are ideal for writers building a marketing platform.
  6. Blogs can occasionally lead to book publishing – it’s worked for both Jonathan Fields and for Darren Rowse (ProBlogger.net) and others.
  7. Clients who want your expertise are likely to find your blog in that niche if you’re there.
  8. You’ll get to meet other writers – I’ve got some very cool friends I met via my blogs.
  9. A blog can create a revenue stream.

What would you like to know about making money with a blog? Secrets of a Money Making Blog webinar is now open!


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  • I’m toying with the idea of doing a fictional blog anonymously. But how to promote it without anyone knowing it’s me? I would reveal it eventually, of course, but it’s mostly to try out some serial fiction and see if I can gain readers that way. Not sure what to do about that…

    • Anne

      No reason you can’t do a blog anonymously – you could do it with a pen name… of course, you’d be starting from scratch.

  • Mica

    Hi, I’m interested in finding the right niche for my blog, any ideas on how to do that? Not going too general since I can’t appeal to everyone, but not going so narrow that it drastically limits my number of potential readers.



  • I have had more blogs than I had hairs on my head. I love to write. Even more so I love researching then creating an article. Most of all I want somebody, besides my wife, to read the article.

    • Anne

      So, for blogs, that’s traffic… yep. Thanks.

  • Araceli Kimberlin

    I have been writing professionally for several years as a journalist and a copywriter. I have written about numerous topics during that time and consider myself a general assignments writer. I don’t really have a specialty. Should I focus on one topic for my blog or should I just write about various topics. Which one will attract more readers and help me make more money (by leading me to freelance jobs)?

    • Anne

      There’s a big difference between a blog with a goal of just promoting you and one that reflects your passion for a niche… thanks for the question.

  • Jori

    I know that blogging is very “in” right now, and I do write a blog for my home owner’s association. But what if I don’t have a writing niche yet? Is it too early to start writing a personal blog? How in the world can I make money doing that? And wouldn’t a blog just take time and energy away from writing my memoir?

    • Anne

      Jori, how you spend your writing energy is always a choice.

  • Gigi

    What I really want to learn, is how to make money on my blog without being annoying to my readers!

  • Paul T. O'Connor

    I am a bit confused- did I post my answer for a possible free webinar in the right place. When I first posted it took me back to posts that were from January? I re-posted here and hopefully in right place, Thanks.

    • Anne

      Not sure what you saw, but both are in the right place… one will count.

  • Most experts say that the best way to make money from a blog is to have a self-hosted Wordpress blog and also to have an autoresponder from the start but I wonder if I’ll make enough money from my blog to break even.
    Rohi recently posted..5 Ways to Use Twitter to Make Money Online and Boost CreativityMy Profile

  • Paul T. O'Connor

    At times I am reluctant, apprehensive, a tad overwhelmed or take the easy route out and “do some more research.” Should I exploit a popular subject matter with my own take? Or should I find the lonely and ignored niche market?
    I have the personal toolbox, the writing experience, the wisdom and a successful background of developing and launching projects.
    I guess I’m seeking that invisible wind at my back to guide my sails so I don’t have to make the choice myself. But if their are no winds I need to crank up my own engine.
    I’m sure there are no shortage of excuses, if anybody needs one I have a couple of spares. Get me into your webinar so I have an EXCUSE TO SUCCEED.
    After tipping my toe into the water, your webinar could push me into the water with a head first dive. Just promise me that I won’t be walking the plank.
    Seriously, I’m more than a little ticked at myself for not utilizing my talents further. I think the isolation of working for yourself is a double edged sword, it sometimes works against you.
    I have helped launch projects for others, now I need to launch my own project. I have the time to invest and now it is time to “just do it.”
    I have written evergreen stories for AOLSeed (before they slashed their payouts) and recently was the sole writer of breaking news for a new website that got into the top 100,000 sites in a matter of 100 days (then they had money problems). Prior to that I worked for 20 years in the “old” media- newspapers and Television.
    Hopefully, your webinar can be the wind at my back or the kick in the behind that I need!
    Thanks and Good Luck, Paul T. O’C

  • Hi Anne,
    I started a blog a few weeks ago with the hopes of networking. I’ve found that writing a blog entry each morning is a great way to open up the creative floodgates. What I haven’t found are a lot of readers. Well, not that I know of anyway. I track my blog, and I can see that people are actually reading my posts. What I can’t figure out is how to make these silent readers comment on posts. Any suggestions?

    • Anne

      traffic and comments – got it

  • Marjorie McAtee

    Um, I feel kinda stupid asking this, but, how do you guys get these nifty little links after your posts?

    • Anne

      which links Marjorie?

      • Marjorie McAtee

        Some of the commenters have links to their latest blog posts at the ends of their comments.

  • Nina Lewis

    I am intrigued by how to price an e-book to sell on my site. I have purchased an e-book for $49 and it was only about 35 pages. The information was almost useful but in the end I felt that $49 was way too much for the length of the book and the (lack) of good information.

    So how to determine the price of an e-book so that people will feel they get their money’s worth (assuming that I have outstanding content)??

    • Anne

      Ah, the great pricing question… we’ll tackle it.

  • Anne:

    I’m interested in the blogging platform outlook. What is expected to change in the next six months and one and two years down the road? I’m a huge believer in blogging and I know it works for my business, but I want to look ahead on some changes that I can or should implement.


    • Anne

      Crystal ball? We have some ideas.

  • I love blogging and my blog, but monetization has been lots of trial and error for me. What I really want to know is how to successfully monetize my blog without appearing greedy, as if all I really care about is the ad material or sponsored posts. Thanks!
    ginabad recently posted..Mind ShiftMy Profile

  • I’d like to know how to guage what to charge for advertising on my blog. And do I charge monthly, yearly, etc.? This question has come up a few times now.

    Thanks, Anne.

    Mary Lewis recently posted..Winter Clearance SalesMy Profile

    • Anne

      Excellent question… hint – your traffic is the key.

  • I’m interested in finding out about guest blogging – how to find other people doing the same sort of blog and how then to work out an exchange of posts. I’d like to know if there’s any pitfalls I should watch out for when doing that.

    Thanks for all the work you do, Anne! I always look forward to the e-mails from About Freelance Writing.
    Cat Rambo recently posted..Clans in a Roleplaying WorldMy Profile

    • Anne

      Ah, the guest… yes, thanks… good question.

  • Hi Anne: Believe it or not, I have not monetized my blog -for a number of reasons. I probably won’t monetize my business writing blog, but I am re-releasing my personal blog and have on my goals to get educated on monetizing it. So, great timing.

    I am most interested in the “mechanics” of monetizing. I am also interested in choosing affiliate programs and the mechanics behind that as well. What I mean by mechanics is the set-up of ads, tracking, etc. and the different types of programs.

    Thanks, Anne. You are always a great source for information.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Is Your 1st Quarter Communication Plan on TrackMy Profile

    • Anne

      Thank you Cathy, monetize – how did making money on something ever become that wierd word… but, it’s a great topic, and so are affiliate programs.

      • Anne-probably the same way impact and super-size and others became verbs. 🙂
        Cathy Miller recently posted..5 Ways Blog Headlines Are Like Vanity PlatesMy Profile

        • Anne

          Is it my imagination or did that sort of thing get worse with the web?

          • Could be, but media in general, IMHO, perpetuates some of it. I blame newscasters for the phrase “early on…” early on what? (instead of just plain ol’ early….) e.g., early on in the peace talks instead of early in the peace talks

            In the interest of full disclosure, I admit I like creating new meaning for words and using nouns as adjectives-just ask Shane Arthur. 😉
            Cathy Miller recently posted..5 Ways Blog Headlines Are Like Vanity PlatesMy Profile

        • jorgekafkazar

          Monetize, according to the OED, appears in Webster as early as 1880. It’s used in a narrower sense, to establish a legal value for a metal, or to put into circulation as coinage. Applying the word to turning a blog into a money making venture strikes me as a bit grotesque, though I can’t think of another term as concise as monetize, right off. Profitized? Underwritten?

          • Learn something new every day-thanks, Jorge. 🙂
            Cathy Miller recently posted..5 Ways Blog Headlines Are Like Vanity PlatesMy Profile

          • Anne

            Hmmm… applied to metal makes sense… re blogs how about just saying things like make money with your blog or profit form a blog… why the ized?

            Underwritten would mean someone else paying for it, right?

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