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Why Sites About Freelance Writing Write About Sarah Palin

attracting trafficHave you ever wondered why a blog about freelance writing might write about Sarah Palin or other much talked about person? There’s a one word answer to that: traffic

One of the mysteries of running a blog is attracting visitors. And a significant part of that is search engines. On any given day about 15 percent of my traffic is brought by Google or other search engine. When I tie a big name with this site in some sort of legitimate fashion I improve my chances of new eyes finding the site. Of course, the visitors I want are those interested in freelance writing. Assuming freelance writers find me via a search engine I hope at least some of them will come back.

Just for the heck of it I ran Sarah Palin and freelance writing into Google and got almost a million results. It’s the first two that demonstrate how this kind of search engine optimization works.

Is this sort of linking to the famous a fair way to get traffic? You bet it is. In both examples, the actual posts are either helpful or interesting or both.

So why don’t I develop articles that link freelance writing to as many stars as possible? Well, I don’t really think much about stars for one thing. This isn’t a celebrity blog for another and in truth I don’t often see a way to legitimately relate a famous person with freelance writing. People interest in Sarah Palin and not interested in freelance writing are not the people I want to bookmark or link to this blog. In other words, it’s my hunch that this SEO technique is like hot peppers – best used sparingly.

Do you have a strategy for attracting visitors to your blog or site?


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  • Twitter is a great way to attract site traffic. I have a Twitter account in my name and one for my site. I have also found that using Reddit, Stumble, and Delicious help attract traffic.
    Gina-Marie Cheeseman recently posted..Why the Yes Men Have Big BallsMy Profile

  • Anne

    Yes, I’ve benefited from the change too… love it, and it seems they’ve gotten rid of many of the junk sites, or at least pushed them way down.

    I probably should take a more systematic approach to seo… you’re so much better organized than I am 😉 I’ll have to re-read your book. It’s a good one.

  • Anne, I’m a serious student of search engine optimization, so I use all that I know to drive search-engine traffic to my site. I don’t specifically write for the search engines, but I do target 2-3 keywords or phrases and use them in headlines, the slug, metatags, etc.

    I’ve been one of the fortunate ones that benefited tremendously from the recent Google algorithm change. My traffic from Google to my main site is up about 400% over the last few weeks.
    John Soares recently posted..Just Released — The Second Edition of My Writing College Textbook Supplements E-BookMy Profile

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