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AboutFreelanceWriting.com Redesign

freelance writing plansIf you’re paying attention it’s obvious that there’s some redesigning going on around here.Originally I had planned something more spectacular, but it’s turned out not to happen that way.

And it’s not happening all at once either.

Plus some things that used to work well have slipped and need fixing.

So expect ongoing changes in the design, at least for the next few weeks.

This also means you can participate a bit. Feel free to make suggestions, to tell me what you like and don’t like.

As always, thanks for your patience, and for being here.

What suggestions about the design of this site would you like to make?


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  • Cheryl Roberts

    Hi Anne,
    I like the new design, so far. Everything is intuitive here, to me at least. And also, just a big “Thank You” for inspiring me to get with the program and try the blogging thing in a big way! Your recommendation for becomeablogger.com has been an “earth-send”!

    • Anne

      Stay tuned – Carol Tice and I are announcing a class about blogging… soon! Like today or tomorrow.

  • Hi Anne —

    That’s OK, I just tried to sign up to affiliate sell Carbonite, which I actually use and would be happy to endorse, and Commission Junction rejected me for some reason, who knows!

    My RSS button is down with my social stuff a little lower. Since my emphasis is on email subscribers, that suits me fine.

    The RSS signup that has email hidden inside isn’t very intuitive for users, especially ones who don’t know what RSS is, which they say is about 75% of America. You need your email subs out in a nice big box where we can see — and don’t you have a free ebook offer or something for subscribers? Get that out where we can see the deals, girlfriend!
    Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing recently posted..50 Ways to Get a Freelance GigMy Profile

  • I think it’s much better already! I like how the tabs have been boiled down to just one brief row.

    I’d lose the toggle on categories, boil those down to about 6-8 of the most important categories, and make them visible instead of under a button.

    I’m still confused about your blog subscription…where’s the big “subscribe to this blog on email” box…I keep looking for that to be above the RSS subscribe. And then you have the free newsletter tab…is that the email subscription where I’d get every post as it comes, or a weekly product instead? I’d like to see more clarity on subscribing.

    You might also try the Hello Bar to drive more subscriptions…take a look at what I’ve done to my site!
    Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing recently posted..50 Ways to Get a Freelance GigMy Profile

    • Anne

      Carol, you’re so far ahead of me. Re the categories, I agree and am not sure how to do that without losing ranking and such – do you know? The whole category combining thing seems beyond me at the moment.

      Well, I don’t have a big subscribe to the newsletter for this blog – just the free newsletter tab thing. The subscribe next to the orange RSS symbol is that, subscribe to everything via rss/email – but it’s a feed.

      I see you don’t have a feed link, but a good sized box to what, your newsletter… no I get notice everytime you post… is that a feed or what?

      Finally, do you have a beta key I can use for the hello bar?


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