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Ebooks About Writing Updated & Relaunched

60 Tips For Getting The Writing DoneIf you read the tabs at the top of each page you’ll discover I offer ebooks. Over the last few months I’ve been rewriting and updating each and every one – and there are five of them. Five ebooks and an audio.

Each ebook and the audio is designed and written to help you make more money as a freelance writer. They each provide how-to information to make your freelance writing career easier, more productive and more profitable.

They’ve also got new covers and, in some cases, new prices. The titles include:

  • How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal that $ells!Learn how to put together a proposal that sells your book to a publisher or an agent even before you actually complete the whole book.
  • YOU Can Make Money Writing eBooksEbooks are a great way for a freelance writer to create residual income. Learn how to turn your hobby and other interests into ebooks that will bring you income month after month, year after year. Updated with info on formatting for Kindle and other ebook readers.
  • Freelance Writer’s Glossary – Newly revised, over 50 essential  terms every freelance writer must know. Understanding these words will make you sound professional and help you deal with clients and contracts.
  • 60 Tips for Getting The Writing Done – A bakers dozen of the best articles from well over of decade of helping writers over the ‘net. Everything from what to do if you’ve got no clips to how you can improve your writing right now.
  • How To Get Started In Profitable Freelance Writing Now! A bakers dozen of the best articles from well over of decade of helping
    writers over the ‘net. Everything from what to do if you’ve got no clips to how you can improve your writing right now.
  • 40 Ways To Market Your Writing – The Audiookay, not an ebook but Anne Wayman and Carol Tice’s webinar that teaches 40 ways you can market your writing. Rave reviews!

And if you’ve got a website you can make some money selling these books through the About Freelance Writing affiliate program which pays a full 50% on every product sold. Not bad.


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  • Good to know Anne! I have already signed up for your affiliate program so do you have new banners or links for it too? Or has anything else changed with regard to the affiliate program?

    • Anne

      The resources center page thingie has the new graphics… not banners as such… do you need me to make some banners? What size?

      • Actually a 125×125 square would be ideal as I have ad blocks on my writing blog now too. It would fit it wonderfully there. Thanks so much Anne – let me know if you need any more info and keep up the good work with your blog!

        • Anne

          125×125 makes perfect sense… thanks… I’ll post here when I’ve got one there.

    • Anne

      There is now a 125×125 ad on the site – along with some redesign… will that work do you think? If yes, I can put it on the resources page.

      • Yes it looks good – just the right size and perfect for my needs. Am I correct in thinking my affiliate info will be embedded into it when I use it? Thanks Anne!

        • Anne

          Ah, no your affiliate info isn’t automatically embedded… wish I knew how to do that… in brief you copy the graphic and then link it using your affiliate code… when I post on the affiliate resource page I’ll make that clear… great question! Thanks.

  • Anne, I didn’t know you were so prolific. Good for you for updating and relaunching your products.

    • Anne

      lol, John, thanks.

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