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Low Pay Jobs Make It Easier For Pro Writers

over the transomNot long ago Carol Tice wrote The Most Amazing Writing Opportunity Ever. There she explains why there are so many more opportunities for freelance writers than ever before.

She’s absolutely right. I know because I started my writing career long before the web even existed. To pull a “back when I was young,” when I first started posting freelance writing jobs I was lucky to find four!

The proliferation of websites means people need content. Sure, some of it is low pay, but not all of it is by a long shot. Sure if you’re bidding on jobs the price will tend to go down. Of course if you insist on answering low pay gigs only that’s what you’ll get.

But consider this:

All those low paying gigs tend to funnel new writers and writers who don’t write well or who aren’t willing to improve their skills or writers looking for something they think is easy into low paying jobs. That means there’s actually less competition for good writers.

A better way to say this is there’s less competition for writers who are willing to do something more than click on ads.

What should you do instead? There’s a ton of information here under the category How To Find And Land Freelance Writing Jobs.

Jenn Mattern has an excellent article called Search Tips For Finding High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs; she’s got a ton of other info there too.

The Try Something Different Challenge

I’m going to make this suggestion, no, this challenge:

If you’re not making what you want as a freelance writer, look at the way you’ve looked for week over the last 30 days. Write that down.

Now, spend the next five days doing something different. In fact, if you’re serious, do something different each day of the five.

You may not actually get a better paying gig as a result, although I suspect you may, but you will have learned how to break out of the low paying mold you feel you’re stuck in.

Give it a try, tell us what you did and what happened.


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