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Some Preliminary Numbers & Thoughts About Paying For Job Postings Here

Monday I asked “Would you be willing to pay for the jobs posted here?” with links to a survey I’m running for maybe another week.

I’ve been surprised by several things, including:

  • Way more than I expected have filled out the survey. Thanks so much for that!
  • Those of you who are willing to pay are willing to pay more than I expected. The average is closer to $10 a month than I would have ever guessed.
  • You’ve suggested some job sources I didn’t have  – I’ve added those to the list.

Your comments are helpful too. Those who would be willing to pay recognize the labor that goes into each list, find value in the list and are willing to at least try paying for a month or two.

Most of those who are unwilling to pay say they are unwilling because they are willing to spend the time to do the searching themselves. A few flat out won’t pay anyone for job listings, echoing what up to now has been my advice.

There have been some suggestions I want to address:

  • Better jobs – post suggestions for better jobs; I’d like to see those too.
  • Exclusive jobs – I don’t know how to get those unless I set up a classified ad board – then I’ve got the marketing problem, but I am open to suggestions about how to get exclusive jobs.
  • Ask for donations. I have and have gotten occasional checks and PayPal payments, but never close to even a minimum hourly wage.
  • Charge annually. Hadn’t thought of that, but I’d have to charge more than I’m comfortably asking in one shot.
  • Stop posting gigs altogether. Those who suggest this seem to feel the jobs I post are not good enough. These comments, however, are far out weighed by those who would pay.

  • Go back to 3x a week. If I did that I’d still spend the same amount of time. What’s changed is the number of gigs s0 instead of 40-70 a day it would be more like 80-140 every other day. Very little time savings for me, and a way bigger list than I’d be willing to wade through if I were looking. Another way to say it is what used to take me an hour or less now takes an hour-and-a-half or more.
  • UK Jobs. At least a couple of people in the UK are willing to pay IF I can find more leads there. I’d need help locating those, but can certainly add them to the list.
  • Using Aggregators. I’ve been experimenting using Aggregators for this site. Heck, if I could automate it reasonably well we’d all have what we want. So far it hasn’t worked well. I scan each ad for a several things. See 8 Freelance Writing Job Ads I Won’t Post.

The jury is still out. I want to see more survey results and more comments here or on the survey itself. And thanks for the info so far, truly.


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  • Laura Davis

    Anne, I had an idea this morning. What if you made the job listings a community effort? It takes you for stinking ever to go through all those sources yourself, but but if the community members each took responsibility for one source of job leads and posted those according to your selection criteria, might that help? That way, you get a big chunk of your time back and we can still benefit from the collection of job leads.

    • Something like that actually went on on facebook for awhile… sort of petered out. I’ll probably get a forum going before too long and a section of that could be a job exchange I suppose.

    • We might try this when I launch a forum. That way I wouldn’t have to teach a bunch of people how to post here as well as what to post. Good idea if we can make it work.

  • I’m sure you saw that Write to Done just jumped into job ads…by doing a deal with DoNanza to show their job listings and take a cut.

    On first glance I’m highly unimpressed with the quality of what they were listing…but maybe another possible model to explore that takes the work out of your hands and still possibly generates revenue? I’m sure there are other providers doing this type of thing as well.

    • If you look closely you’ll see I’ve got a donanz widget also – and I too am unimpressed with their jobs… have told them that… I’ve made about $4 but I haven’t pushed it because of the quality. I have talked with them and they have the same problem I do, but see it differently…

  • Another idea, Make the job advertisers pay a small fee (for placement and exposure). Companies pay for shelf placment in the grocery store; why not in a job listing?

    • No reason to pay me in most cases if they can list on CL and the others for free. If the list were paid for by readers/writers it might have some additional value, maybe. But you’ve got me thinking!

      • That’s true, BUT, they pay to post on the ProBlogger job board. Might be possible here, too 🙂 Darren’s deal might have something to do with the niche of jobs (blog-related), but even that might be something to explore?
        Alicia recently posted..10 Websites For Finding Writing ContestsMy Profile

        • Haha, disregard – just saw your other comment about those.

          • I’m actually exploring setting up a job board that employers would pay me to post… but I don’t have nearly the reach Darren does. I guess I could try it, but it has to be self-maintaining like his is.

  • Carol’s right – these are some interesting (& useful) results. Thanks for taking the time to update us on how it’s going 🙂

  • Very interesting data you’ve gathered, Anne! I’m getting ready to do some polling on my own site to discover what people find most useful and what I might make exclusive for paying subscribers.

    I bet many people would pay a small fee to get better-quality job leads all in one place. I personally am not willing to do the trolling — but glad you are! Gives me somewhere to refer people who want to look at online ads.
    Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing recently posted..Want 1-000 Blog Subscribers Just ‘Invent’ ThemMy Profile

  • John, what a great idea! If I go pay I will certainly incorporate this idea. Thanks so very much.

  • Anne, I appreciate that it takes a lot of your time to compose the job postings. Only you know how many views those postings get each day and what the potential market could be.

    One concern: if you put all the jobs behind a pay wall, new and casual visitors won’t be able to see what’s actually there. Perhaps you could do the pay version, but have a few samples that you show to the public every day. This would let them know what they’re missing. I’d include at least one well-paying job in the free list.
    John Soares recently posted..How to Succeed at Co-AuthoringMy Profile

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