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Would You Pay For The Jobs Posted Here?

Freelance Writing SurveyI know I’ve told you all never ever to pay for job listings. Now I’m in a real quandary.

Around the first of the year the number of freelance writing jobs jumped. Instead of finding 40-70 every other day I was finding 40-70 five days a week so I began posting M-F on the theory it would take less time. And it does, sort of.

I’d hoped that the affiliate income – Suite101, Google Adwords, etc. would increase along with the page views. It has, but not by much.

The long and the short of it is I can’t afford to post the jobs for free any longer.

So I’ve put together a survey that asks simply would you pay and if you would how much.

There’s also a big space for you to add thoughts and ideas about this. Of course you can leave comments here too.

I’ll probably run this survey about 10 days – today is a holiday in the U.S.  Please vote and comment.

Obviously, I’ll keep you posted.


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  • I have already taken the survey and sent my comments along, but I have a new idea.
    Considering that >b>a promise is a promise is a promise is a promise, why not send a code or password for free to those already following your blog (and to whom you have made that promise) and try charging something to newcomers – at least, to see how it goes from there?
    Anyway, $5-6/month seems quite a lot, maybe $2-3 would be more reasonable. But that’s really up to you.
    Thanks a lot for your excellent overall work.
    Helenee recently posted..Greek Ouzo- Drinking with the Gods updated Wed Feb 23 2011 4-24 am CSTMy Profile

    • I never promised not to ever charge, but that issue is now solved. Maybe we can get some publishers to pay.

  • Hi Anne,

    I’m suggesting posting for free, once a week, and better jobs and only. How about that? 🙂

    As for magazine ads, maybe you can skip them too. Most are good gigs, but we need to query a lot and many writers either use free market listings or are subscribed to paid listings anyway…
    Pinar Tarhan recently posted..Soon- Scream 4 starring Neve Campbell- Courteney Cox- David Arquette Feat Adam Brody- Hayden Panettiere- Emma Roberts- Kristen Bell&amp Anna PaquinMy Profile

    • Pinar, thanks for the ideas. The problem with once a week jobs is that most the the jobs are filled in a day or two. As far as “better jobs” – that’s hard to sort out. You don’t like the magazine markets? I’m surprised.

  • Novice freelancers often can’t justify paying for listings, especially before they’ve landed any jobs. It will be disappointing to lose this site as a resource, but down the road, I might return and be willing to pay… it all depends on my success or lack thereof. As for right now, a lot of sites charge for listings, but there are still some ways to get them for free.

    • Just to pay devils advocate, for less than $10 a month it might be worth a novice’s money. That’s why I ask what people would be willing to pay on the survey.

  • BCH

    While it is nice that you pull these from other sources and put them together in one place, I would not pay for that. If you started your own service which had exclusive job listings, that might be a different story….

    • I don’t know what you mean by exclusive job listings. Would you explain?

  • Anne,

    As I said in my survey, “I feel your pain.” Although I have to admit that I am not in the position to pay for job listings, I may be in the future. As a newbie to the freelance writing world I have come to rely on free services to get my foot in the door.

    Don’t fret! The GREAT information you provide will keep me coming back!!
    Jodi Hughey recently posted..The Experiment with Suite101 and Y!CNMy Profile

  • Anne,

    I answered the survey earlier, but I wanted to post publicly, too. I would pay for this service. I suppose it’s true that all the jobs can be found elsewhere, but it’s also true that you put them all in one place–so I don’t have to spend my own time going to all those sites looking for jobs.

    I already pay $10 a month for a service (The Writer’s Bridge), and find it well worth it. Between you, The Writer’s Bridge, and Hope Clark, I always have good work. Hope charges $12 yearly for her expanded service, and also has a free service that has fewer listings.

    Anyway, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be recompensed for your work in compiling job listings. Those who don’t want to pay could still come for the good articles and conversation.

    Kathy Teel

    • Writer’s Bridge is new to me and I’m getting a virus warning… why don’t you post the url so we can all look. I also subscribe to Hope’s Funds for Writers service. I was thinking along the lines of $5-6 a month…

  • I agree with Allison. Every now and then I need a small job to fill in space between clients and most of the jobs you list here I get through Google Reader, too. You have a nice, comprehensive list that is organized well but as far as paying for those niceties on a regular basis, probably not.
    Candace recently posted..Writers are Made of Sugar and SpiceMy Profile

  • jorgekafkazar

    Honestly, no. I’m focused on my creative writing. I have a screenplay for class, eight plays to reformat for copyright, 2 books on Jung to read, a play to finish, and a publishing contract to negotiate. I hang out here for the interesting articles and intend to write one for you in the near future, as time permits. The jobs aren’t what draws me here.

    • Which books on Jung? Been year, but huge positive influence in my life. Glad you hang out here and welcome you and everyone no matter if you’re willing to pay for jobs or not. Really.

      • jorgekafkazar

        Right now, I’m immersed in Memories, Dreams, Reflections, put together by Aniela Jaffe. Awaiting my attention is Psychological Types. Jung is a hard read because of his discursive style and the fact that often he in German wrote. I liked Man and His Symbols, too. I’m looking for a specific passage where he ceased therapy upon encountering a very evil Shadow, rather than risk releasing it. It may be in Modern Man in Search of a Soul. I also have a book on Hawaiian Mysticism (Berney) in the stack for light reading. Visiting your site is like having coffee in the morning with a good friend.

    • Jorge, glad you hang out here… did I say that already? Even if I did, it’s true.

  • No. Too many other sites that offer this service for free.
    Nancy Bosse recently posted..ResumeMy Profile

  • I tend to look for writing jobs as and when I need to fill up my writing days a bit. So I probably wouldn’t pay to receive them regularly in all honesty. I get job ads delivered to my Google Reader account as I find it easier to check in occasionally to see if there is anything new of interest.
    You do a great job in posting these every day, but perhaps it is time for a new approach. I will be intrigued to see the results of the survey though.
    Allison recently posted..UPDATE – Shorter writing days mean more writing gets doneMy Profile

    • Allison, are you able to get the sort you want with google reader?

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