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Internet Kill Switch – An Issue For Writers

The incredible events in Egypt, including their government’s total shut-down of the internet there is a cautionary tale for the United States because there is a bill floating around Congress that could result in the same thing here.

Sound impossible or unlikely? Let’s hope so, but consider:

Are there work-arounds? Apparently. MediaBistro has posted How Writers in Egypt Can Beat The Internet Shutdown. Interesting, although I wonder how many in Egypt will get the info.

I don’t know about you, but this sort of thing scares me. I’m calling my representatives and telling them I’m opposed to any law that would allow any branch of government to shut down our access to the internet. I urge you to do the same. I’ll keep an eye on this issue and keep you posted as best I can.

Will you join me in doing something about this issue?


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  • The way the internet has revolutionized the world is simply amazing. It has been an aid to social revolution in Tunis, Egypt and will most likely spread to other places throughout the Middle East. I read reports that China has placed a block on the word “Egypt” so that people there aren’t able to find out what’s going on…. So, it’s not only about government’s about to totally shut down the internet but also filtering what people can, and can not, read.
    Ahlam- ProWriterInc recently posted..Egypt’s Social Revolution- a Time for ChangeMy Profile

  • The issue doesn’t relate directly to me, since I don’t even live in the States. The Mexican government can’t even use the internet, let alone know how to shut it off.

    I do, however, work with people in the US, UK, and Taiwan. THAT worries me a little.

    • Jacob, where in Mexico are you? Would love a guest post about writing there. This issue is actually a world ’round issue… and isn’t going away.

  • Thanks Anne, for telling us! I didn’t know such legislation is being proposed, so I really appreciate your post.
    Gina-Marie Cheeseman recently posted..How to Write for the Internet and Not Lose ReadersMy Profile

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