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Freelance Writing Jobs For Monday, January 31, 2011

freelance writing jobsThanks for the retweets – each one helps make it possible for me to post five days a week. And thanks too for the links back to my site. Those also help.

Today we have 105 writing, editing, blogging, translation and etc. jobs.

How To Find and Land Freelance Writing Gigs is an ever growing category listing articles about how to get freelance writing jobs and the article; How to Land a Writing Jobis aimed at helping you when you apply to one of the freelance writing jobs listed here.

Suite101 is one of the web’s largest online publishing platforms where writers from around the world write and publish nonfiction articles on a wide variety of different subjects. If you have expertise in a particular area – be it health, fashion, business, literature, sports or science to name a few – Suite101 may be the perfect opportunity for you to build your online writing portfolio and learn the tricks of the trade in writing for the web. Writing for Suite101 offers you:

  • Professional editorial feedback and guidance
  • Access to a large, supportive community of writers from around the world
  • Free training on writing for the web, including traffic generation tactics and social media promotion;
  • Lifetime advertising royalties from your articles

If this sounds like the right type of opportunity for you, please apply online HERE.

  1. Earthtechling.com, pays $10 per article
  2. The Writer and the White Cat, pays $0.05 per word for stories/ $50 per review
  3. Tech publisher, pays $15 per article
  4. SFGAM.com Gay Online Community, pays $20 per article

  5. Garmanhis.com (design blog), pays $10 per post
  6. Niche topics/ SEO, pays $20-$50 per article
  7. Nileguide.com, pays $10 per 150 words
  8. Coloring pages (SEO), pays $15 per post
  9. Nursing, pays $10-$13 per page
  10. Science educational company, pays $200 for 16 lessons
  11. Contemporary Verse 2, pays $50-$100 per article/ $30 per poem (Canada)
  12. Redstone Science Fiction (submissions open Feb 1), pays $0.05 per word
  13. Baby & Kid, pays up to $15 per artible/ blog post
  14. Lemonade book, pays $250 per inspirational story
  15. Portal seeks experts on any topic, pays $15 per article plus revenue share
  16. Independent Film Production Company seeks scriptwriters, payment: $500
  17. website for young women, topic: cooking, pays $35 per article
  18. Copywriter needed
  20. Looking For Web Article & Blog Writing Help
  21. Press Release Writer Needed
  22. Editorial Freelancer or Intern at exciting digital media startup
  23. Ghost writer needed
  24. Rapidly Growing Online Music Magazine Metronome Review Seeks Freelance
  25. Blogger Needed – Current Season of American Idol
  26. Hip hop blogger
  27. Looking for Sales Copy Writer
  28. Comic Strip Writers
  29. Ghostwriter – Free Lance
  30. Technical Writer Needed for Owner’s/Operator’s Manual
  31. Seeking freelance writers
  32. Can you write a one-sheet?
  33. Music/Text Proofreader
  34. Writer for nonfiction book proposal
  35. Professional and experienced writers only
  36. Seeking music/film writer
  37. Business Plan writer

  38. Non-Fiction Editor
  39. Jamaica Travel Writer and Blogger
  40. Writer needed to work on business plan
  41. Writer Needed
  42. Copywriter for Apps
  43. Experienced Ghost Writers needed
  44. Need blogger to write automotive repair posts/articles
  45. In need of Article Writer
  47. Need someone to edit papers
  48. Experienced Govt Contract expert
  49. Experienced Grant Writer Needed
  50. Need Mandarin Translations
  51. Editor/Writer for Design-Construction Website
  52. Writer needed for thriving business model
  53. Art History Writer – Work Remotely
  54. Need writer for a manuscript/investing guide
  55. Professorial writer needed to edit web site content
  56. Dubstep Music Blogger
  57. Alternative energy blogger/writer washingtondc. but start at the top
  58. The Mammoth Book of Steampunk, pays $0.05 per word
  59. Plumbing company, pays $50-$150 per article
  60. Bariatric surgery, payment: $20-$40 per article
  61. Art gallery and publishing company, pays $200 per article/ assignment
  62. Media center applications, pays $20 per article
  63. Sex Appeal Magazine, pays $0.10 per word
  64. Writer – positive, self-improvement articles – for new web site
  66. PhD Dissertation Writing Collaborator
  67. Translate Mobile App
  68. Blogger & Webmaster online survey: students and writer opportunity $30
  69. Need Writer for New Website
  70. Chinese translation
  71. Looking for amazing (trivia) fact checker
  72. Help me write a memo
  73. Fiction365 needs short stories
  74. Quiz Writers?
  75. Needs a law student/paralegal $100
  76. Part time writing gigs
  77. Part-time, freelance transcriber

  78. Comedy writer editor for standup and sketches
  79. Nutrition Researcher
  80. My Notes into organized study guide
  81. PowerPoint presentation rewritten into to study guide
  82. Arabic translator needed
  83. I need help writing business plans
  84. Ghostwriter
  85. Ghostwriter for 2010 M&A Report
  86. Money/ Life Blogger

Low paying gigs:

  1. Hiring: Website Content Writers
  2. Blog Commenter and Internet Researcher Needed
  3. Blog and Article Writer Needed
  4. Need Sports Forum Posters
  5. Writers & Bloggers
  6. Blogger for Gay Sports Magazine
  7. Flashquake Literary Journal Spring Issue, pays up to $25 upon publication
  8. Contract Writers Needed for Article Writing Service
  9. SEO Article Writers Needed
  10. Mac App Store Reviewer Writer
  11. Looking for QUALITY blog entries for urban ag blog

Might be worth considering:

  1. Writers/Bloggers
  2. ChaCha guides
  3. Movie company seeks storyteller/screenwriter
  5. Need Tweet Poet

  6. Wikipedia Writer
  7. Writers Wanted for Constant Content – revenue share only
  8. Need an Article Writer!!! $25/HR
  9. Script Submissions
  10. Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment Blogger

Canadian writing job seekers may find what they want at the Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Blog. FreelanceWritingGigs. Problogger also posts blogging jobs. John Hewitt also publishes jobs for writers.

Write well and often,


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