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Freelance Writing Jobs For Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fishing for writing jobsThanks for the retweets – each one helps make it possible for me to post five days a week.

Today we have 59 writing, editing, blogging, translation and etc. jobs.

How To Find and Land Freelance Writing Gigs is an ever growing category listing articles about how to get freelance writing jobs and the article; How to Land a Writing Jobis aimed at helping you when you apply to one of the freelance writing jobs listed here.

Suite101 is one of the web’s largest online publishing platforms where writers from around the world write and publish nonfiction articles on a wide variety of different subjects. If you have expertise in a particular area – be it health, fashion, business, literature, sports or science to name a few – Suite101 may be the perfect opportunity for you to build your online writing portfolio and learn the tricks of the trade in writing for the web. Writing for Suite101 offers you:

  • Professional editorial feedback and guidance
  • Access to a large, supportive community of writers from around the world
  • Free training on writing for the web, including traffic generation tactics and social media promotion;
  • Lifetime advertising royalties from your articles

If this sounds like the right type of opportunity for you, please apply online HERE.

  1. GoColorado.com, pays $35-$45 per travel article
  2. The Shortest Stories, pays $60 per story
  3. Real estate marketing/ training, pays $20 per article
  4. World Trade Press, pays $195 for 6 travel articles

  5. Proofreading for Brighton Publishing, pays $575 per manuscript
  6. DailyFashionJobs.com, pays $25 per post
  7. Business plan writer for angel funding, payment: $300
  8. Social Axcess, topics: social media/ mobile marketing/ technology, pays $25 per article
  9. Resume writing, payment: $30 per resume
  10. Latin America business/ political issues, pays $120-$200 per blog entry
  11. Radio news reporter for Michigan, pays $105 per story/ $300 monthly stipend
  12. VjemEvents.com, pays £20 per article (UK)
  13. Weird Tales Magazine, pays $20 per poem/ $0.05 per word for fiction
  14. Editing and Translating
  15. Series of Article – World of Warcraft
  16. Talented Freelance Writer Needed
  17. College Branding Student
  18. Bruins fans — I need writers
  19. Need a cover letter written for real estate job
  20. Need short and concise business plan
  21. Seeking writer for resume
  22. Sales copy writer needed
  23. Freelance Writers (Interior Design, Home Decor, Architecture)
  24. Graphic artist

  25. Writer w/ clinical psych bckgrd needed by Clinical Psychologist
  26. Online Copy Ghostwriter – Tech Background – No exp OK – $10-15/hr
  27. Freelance wanter for web content and press release
  28. Experienced Writer Wanted
  29. Digital Camera Reviewer
  30. Editorial assistant/jr reporter
  31. Social Media Content writer
  32. Psychologists and Early Childhood Educators wanted for expert articles
  33. InDesign pro needed
  35. Financial Journalist/Writer Who Understand XBRL?
  36. Part Time Social Media Writer Needed
  37. Seeking Alternative Health / Medicine Writer
  38. Copywriter for StoopPhilly.com wanted
  39. Writers Wanted
  40. Experienced Patent Expert Needed
  41. Blogger Wanted (Tech)
  42. Freelance Writer for Information Management Book
  43. Freelance Writer
  44. “Online Dating” Blogger/Writer
  45. Blogger/Social Media
  46. Blog Contributor on GigCoin

Low paying gigs:

  1. Earn money from home writing articles
  2. Writers Needed
  3. Write for FMyLife/TFLN Type Site

Might be worth considering:

  1. Interested in Screen writing?
  2. Looking for writers
  3. Comedy Writers Wanted
  4. Looking for Writers with Spec Commercial Ideas
  5. Comedy Writers Wanted – revenue share
  6. Freelance Writers Wanted – Demand Media
  7. Passionate Sporting Goods Enthusiasts and Experts Wanted – low pay + revenue share
  8. ISO writer to collaborate on script
  9. Passionate Art Enthusiasts and Experts Wanted – low pay + revenue share
  10. Freelance Nutrition Writers – Livestrong/Demand Media

Canadian writing job seekers may find what they want at the Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Blog. FreelanceWritingGigs. Problogger also posts blogging jobs. John Hewitt also publishes jobs for writers.

Write well and often,


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