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Want Freelance Writing Jobs Daily? Here’s What I Need From You

freelance writing jobsLike the jobs posted daily – that is, five days a week – Monday – Friday? Here’s what I do to make it worth my while to do:

  • If you have a website, link to AboutFreelanceWriting – https://aboutfreelancewriting.com
  • If you use twitter, re-tweet as often as you can – both the article and the jobs. And if you don’t use twitter you probably should, but that’s another story.
  • If you’re on FaceBook mention the postings there.
  • When you’re talking with other writers, online and off, mention the site.

In other words, help me drive traffic to the site.

Oh, comments always help.

So do pointers to other blogs I should know about…

Heck, you get the idea!


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  • Anne-

    Have just tweeted & facebooked your great site! I visit often and will continue to t/f. Also can’t forget your visit/advice to my motivational site for women a while back:)

    Clara recently posted..Freelance Writer-The Bears- Green Bay Packers &amp A Cake Breathing Fire!My Profile

  • I’m still working on getting my website up and working. Well, it’s up and working, it’s just not functioning as it should be. The good news is I’ve been too busy with work to do anything about it at this time. When I do get it to a functioning state, I will add a link to your website.

    I do check your job lists fairly regularly, but I’m not sure they are a great fit for me. I am a freelance curriculum writer and/or editor. My favorite jobs board blog is Writing for the Education Market at educationwriting.blogspot.com. I’ve gotten lots of great leads and have several clients that I found on this site and continue to come back to me with additional work. (Hence, why my website hasn’t been finished.)

    I do love your website for your articles. I find them helpful and often entertaining. I’m not sure your job lists address my particular need.

    Not sure if this feedback will be overly helpful to you, but I needed a break from my writing so I responded. Back to work.

    • Hi Nancy, yes, this is helpful. So is the link… I see curriculum gigs from time to time – will start checking this recourse. Glad you like the articles too…

  • Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into posting these job ads 5 times a week.
    David Gomez recently posted..App stores a clear and present danger- Jimmy Wales’ take on net TG DailyMy Profile

    • Thanks David… l liked your article about app stores.

  • I appreciate your hard work and I will be more than happy to advertise this site every chance I get.
    miron putnam recently posted..Prose- KING OF HATEMy Profile

  • We’ve added your site in our link list 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Thanks… and your site is an excellent place for folks to look for contests.

  • I didn´t realize that my comment took. Sorry for the repeat but the sentiment holds.

  • Tweeted and FB. Thanks for all you do Anne.

  • Twit and shared on FB. Thanks Anne for all you do!!!!

  • Updating my link to you now!
    IrreverentFreelancer recently posted..Please- Deadbeat Sir- I Want Some MoreMy Profile

  • Anne,
    I typically write a short blog post about the jobs with a link back to the jobs available. I’ve been trying to keep up with it daily, however, there are some days I just don’t get it done…:) I love the jobs and I’m hoping it will help someone who is seriously looking. I love what you do with these! Thanks so much!

    Deb 🙂

  • Hi Anne,

    I will put your site on my blog and will mention your site to those I come in contact with–and that’s quite a few!

    Again, many thanks for your hard work!

    Toni Star recently posted..Check Out My Latest Book- The Twisted Life of Julia Knight and Have a Wonderful New Year!My Profile

  • Oops, forgot to type in the address correctly! It’s been one of those days…
    Allison recently posted..When online writing makes you really- really busy…My Profile

  • Hi Anne, I shall add you to my blogroll. Love reading the postings and will be happy to spread the word as well!

  • You have been linked on my website under “Links I Like” for quite some time now 🙂 I will be happy to retweet your posts and I have sent around your posts to many of my writer friends. Your site has been a wonderful source of information and really inspired me to get off my duff and do something about this whole “I wanna be a writer” thing!!

  • Anne-I already have you in my Blogroll and will be happy to twit-er tweet 🙂 your postings. Continued success!
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Florist Blows Off Writer’s Block by Getting Really MadMy Profile

    • You my dear are one of my staunchest supporters and it’s appreciated.

  • Wonderful post! We often forget that driving traffic is a 2-way street. Retweeting now…

    • Thanks Cindi… can’t expect you to know what I need unless I ask… there’s a blog post in that statement.

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