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Martin Luther King, Jr. – An Example Of Powerful Words

Martin Luther King

Words truly have power and some of the most powerful words were spoken by Martin Luther King, Jr.

On this day of official remembrance, here are some of my favorite sources of this talks:

Democracy Now’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Special – I trust Amy Goodman as a source of progressive news and know I can turn to their broadcasts for many powerful words.

The King Center which is, I think, the official source of things King, opens with truly stirring words by the Doctor – worth listening to their automatic audio intro. But don’t limit yourself to just that.

Listening to his talks both thrills and saddens me.

I’m thrilled at his vision of peace and prosperity for all, by his hope that both cold happen.

And I’m saddened that humanity hasn’t yet found a way to be peaceful and share prosperity with all, that so often we ignore the needs of others.

His words give me hope, and for that I am grateful

What’s your reaction to King’s words?


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  • And on top of the missing text, I misspelled “disappeared”! Anyway, thanks again, Anne, for starting this conversation about Dr. King’s legacy. Let’s hope that his words continue to resonate with future generations and become the words by which everyone lives.

    • no worries, Valerie… typos allowed here… my spelling, as you may have noticed, is highly creative.

  • Part of my earlier message “disappeard.” My apologies. Dr. King’s words on judging others by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin resonate with me the most.

    • It’s so odd how stuff just disappears from online… no apologies needed. But I was wondering… 😉

  • Hi, Anne,
    First, thanks for this fine tribute to Dr. King. I wish we all felt the need for global peace and prosperity for all.

  • Anne, I’m listening to an audio version of the book “1968,” so I’ve been thinking about MLK a lot in recent weeks, and there’s a good chance I’ll be going to an MLK event in my local nearby town later this afternoon.

    Yes, it’s sad and sometimes disheartening that there is still so much strife in the world, but I think there’s less than there would have been because of King’s efforts.
    John Soares recently posted..Why I Took a Blogging BreakMy Profile

    • John, suspect you’re right… part of the change is that some white people have begun to ask themselves questions like “what is it like to be white?”

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