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6 Ways To Market Your Christian Book – Ask Anne

how to sell booksHi Anne,

Just got my Christian book on Amazon.com and Createspace.  Are there other means to market and get the word out?



Hi GD,

Congratulations on getting your book finished and published. Yes, there are all sorts of ways and places to market Christian books. Here are 6 ways – and you’ll notice that the first three work for any book:

  1. The book needs its own website or blog. That serves as your initial internet platform and gives readers a direct way to contact you and keep track of things like author tours, blog tours, videos posted on youtube, etc. You can also begin to build a twitter following, etc. etc. etc. from the book’s website.
  2. If you haven’t yet read Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Self-Publisher do so just as soon as you can. Even though you’re already published there’s a ton of good information there that will help.
  3. 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Sixth Edition (1001 Ways to Market Your Books: For Authors and Publishers) is another excellent book about book marketing.

  4. Christian blogs are another fairly easy market to target. Google Christian blogs and choose those that seem to fit your book best. Offer to do a guest post that includes a link to your book’s sales page.
  5. Developing a way to market directly to the Christian fellowships that match or almost match your book seems like it might work. If it were me I’d order a dozen books or so and set up speaking/book signings at churches and bookstores within easy driving distance. I’d consider this a test and see if I couldn’t find a way to make it very successful.
  6. Always… and I do mean always include a link to your book’s sales page in every email. Make it a signature. If you had included it in your email to me I would have published it.

What ideas for book marketing do you have? Share them with us.



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