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Lori’s 7 Freelancing Deadlies

Darn. I wish she’d wrtten this one for me!

Lori Widmer has an absolutely wonderful post over on her own blog, Word on the Page called the Seven Deadly Freelance Sins.

Go on, read it.

Which sins are you most likely to commit?


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  • Elizabeth, I hear you. It was the toughest part for me when I first started.

    Try figuring out your income/expenses for the year first. Then tweak the math to find that magic number where you’ll make enough to survive AND turn a profit. I have the info on my site, and I’m pretty sure Anne has blogged about it, too.

    And you’d better let us know! I’m eager to give you an “atta girl.” How about one for all the hard work you’ve already done? 🙂

  • Thanks for the great post, Lori. I’m bookmarking it so I dont’ forget these. I guess I don’t market enough. But I’m still learning about that, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    Right now I’m trying to get clips and stuff, so it’s still in the teeny tiny pay range. I haven’t figured out what to do about charging fees, although I’ve got Anne’s lovely setting fees series to refer to. My main focus is on novels, but I know I’ll have to do articles and such to earn money. Selling a book is very difficult. I’ll let you know when I actually do. 😛

  • Thanks for the link love, Anne! That was a fun one to write. And I remember committing a few of those sins at the beginning of my freelance career. 🙂

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