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Approaching Freelance Writing Goals With Vision

freelance writing new year's goalsLike many of you I’ve worked with specific goals over the years and have, for the most part, found them a good way to stay focused.

I’ve also worked with Visioning, usually for specific projects.

This year I’m doing what should be obvious but until now has escaped me. I’m putting the two processes together.

First, my Vision is to Live Fully, Be of  Service and Have Fun. The ‘be of service and have fun’ has been a vision or theme of my life for a very long time. When I’m mindful I tend to judge what I do against that. Yesterday I realized I wanted to add the live fully part – not because I haven’t, but because I want expansion in that area. Mostly I mean I want more cash to do things like travel with my grandkids or take a week off at a meditation center – that sort of thing.

Next I’ve set up four goal categories. I got this idea from the goal pages over at UnderEarnersAnonymous.org.

My categories this year are:

  1. Earning/Earning Expansion – EEE
  2. Spirit/Service/Expansion – SSE
  3. Family/Friends/Expansion – FFE
  4. Life’s Details/Expansion – LDE

The initials I’ll use as code when I’m tracking time. And you’ll notice, probably only the first deals directly with my freelance writing business. After all writing and income are only part of a well-lived life.

Next, under each category comes the actual goals and, this is key, the steps to getting there. For example, under EEE I’ve got:

  • $xxxx + per month in income leading to $xxxx + per month in residual income by Jan 1, 2012
  • Next I listed the residual income I’ve already got coming in.

Just looking at what I want in residual income or royalties has led to a list of royalty projects I may tackle plus a phone call to a publisher to update my address.

Note too that the first goal is pretty specific and it has a time frame. I’ll be developing the steps over the next little while.

I’m taking this approach because what I started with felt scattered. Starting with a Vision and making sure the goals fit that Vision feels grounding to me.

At the moment I’m spending about an hour a day on writing out my Vision and goals in this fashion. I’m guessing I’ll be finished by the end of next week. But I’m taking my time. I want spaciousness around what I’m doing and time to contemplate.

I’ll keep you posted on both the goal setting and how well it works.

How do you set your goals for a new year? Or any other time?


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