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Amy Tan On Her Writing – Videos for Writers

A chatty video with some tidbits for writers everywhere:

How does writing help you resolve emotions?


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  • Wow, love this video! I’ve been a huge Amy Tan fan for many years, and it was so inspiring to hear her say that we are trying to find meaning through writing. Yes, so true.

    I just finished reading “The Kite Runner” yesterday and it too was filled with insight and meaning.

    Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Make sense of our lives that would otherwise seem completely random and chaotic?

  • Unlike Amy Tan, I never wanted to go to summer camp. I’m SO glad my parents didn’t send me! We lived in the country and it would have felt so confining to have even a small portion of my summer structured.

    I’ve been using poetry to work out my more complex emotional struggles, and I use fiction to explore some emotional situations more deeply. It’s made me richer in many ways to reach into those emotions and bring some resolution through characters.

    • lol, I lived in the country and loved going to summer camp… just shows you… something.

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