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8 Steps To Better Focus

focus for writersSynolve, whose website is http://synolve.com/, asked me via twitter how to focus. Here are the eight steps you need to take to develop productive focus for your freelance writing:

  1. Vision your writing business. Getting clear on what you want to do with your writing business will actually help you decide each day exactly what you need and want to do.
  2. Once you have a Vision, you can begin to set goals that are in alignment with what you really want.
  3. Each week develop a list of the writing and other activities that will move you toward your goal. Figure you’ll probably be able to get two or three done or at least started each day.

  4. Make appointments with yourself to get those things done or started each week. Put those appointments, with times, on a calendar where you can see them.
  5. When it’s time to work on a specific project, turn off the radio, stop checking email, turn off the phone and get started.
  6. Use bookending and accountability partners to help keep you on track.
  7. At the end of each day review what you’ve done. Reward yourself for what you’ve accomplished and decide what you need to do about the things that didn’t get done.

  8. At the end of each week do the same sort of review.

Most writers find they have to develop focus. It’s a habit we can develop and turn into a practice. Go gently with yourself, but do it and you’ll be delighted to find writing focus starts to come easily. And when it doesn’t, you’ll know what to do.

How do you make sure you’re focusing on your writing?



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  • Heh, now that I actually HAVE paid writing to do, I need these tips. It’s going to be a challenge doing this with a full-time job still. Thank you, Anne!

  • Anne, Thanks for this useful tips to focus 🙂

  • Great post Anne — I love your bookending tip. I often tell writers to phone a friend if they’re having trouble getting an article organized…but never thought of then having to call back and tell them how it turned out.

    Having a partner who asks you if you did your to-dos is HUGE…now that I have a mentee community, I see such a big difference between those who actively participate and check in each month to update us, and those who don’t.

    Now if I could just focus on my client work instead of on reading great stuff about freelance writing on blogs… 🙂

  • Thanks Anne. I’m finding my focus thanks to you. Your tips are exactly what I needed. I am most grateful and honored that you would develop these techniques for me.
    I’m going to write now…
    Synolve recently posted..Thanksgiving- Our simple planMy Profile

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