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What About Blogs As Writing Credits?

Question and Answers for Freelance WritersYesterday I answered the question Will Old Writing Clips Work?

Deirdre Reid, who blogs at Reid All About It,  in comments, asked:

The only published articles I have are behind “members-only” walls. I don’t have access to them nor did I keep copies. I wrote them a few years ago when I was working in association management and not paying as much attention to my writing since it wasn’t my focus. However, I do have hundreds of blog posts on my blogs and an industry blog.

When a potential client asked for article samples, I explained the situation and gave her links to a few of my guest posts on that industry blog. Do you think that was the best approach?

Deirdre, blog posts work – either on yours or another or both. You can also list the articles in your credits even if you don’t have access to them.

Another approach might be to just ask the association if they can give you either access or copies for your portfolio. Chances are they will be cooperative if they don’t have to do too much work. Suggest they get a temporary login and password so you can go in and make copies yourself.

My hunch, however, is you won’t really need those. With your writing blog and Grabbing The Gusto blog I suspect you’ve got what you need.



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  • Great article.

    I constantly coach writers who are struggling to get published that in this Internet age, any great piece of published writing “counts.” Blogs and online sites are effective ways for novice writers to get started and don’t usually require any type of formal writing education.

    Peace, love, happiness, and prosperity,

    • Well said, Stephanie…. love your blog title 😉 oh, it’s a sales pitch.

  • Make a PDF of your articles, and then load them onto your site. Ask the company to send you a file — usually they’re willing, as it helps promote them, too.
    Carol Tice recently posted..Why I Hired a Writing Mentor — Part 1- I Wanna Quit My Day JobMy Profile

  • Thanks, Anne, for the personal attention! I’m sure many others will benefit from your advice too. If a prospect isn’t familiar with the world of blogging, this is one way to make them sit up and pay attention. Who knows, maybe they’ll feel compelled to start a blog and guess who can help them with that? 🙂
    Deirdre Reid recently posted..Even a Small Staff Can BlogMy Profile

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