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108 Things I’m Grateful For

108 things I'm grateful forMy friend and spiritual advisor, Rev. Guy Williams, Senior Minister at The Hilltop Center For Spiritual Living (check out the Global Heart Vision part way down on the home page) once challenged me and then fellow classmates to count out 100 things we were grateful for daily. I liked the idea but found it difficult to keep track of the count. It dawned on me that I had a set of mala beads – often called the Buddhist rosary. It has 108 beads and it became simple to keep track using those.

So here’s my list today. I’ve found that the more I count out 108 things I’m grateful for, the more I become truly grateful during the days of my life.

Try it. It will take awhile the first few times, but then you’ll get good at it and find it doesn’t take much time at all.

  1. My readers
  2. Cait
  3. Carol
  4. Carol
  5. Kara
  6. Martin
  7. Mike
  8. Linda
  9. Steve
  10. Cole
  11. Valerie
  12. Stacey
  13. Gloria
  14. Emily
  15. Ben
  16. My computer
  17. My keyboard
  18. MzTiz, the cat who lives with me.
  19. The World Beat Sanga
  20. Zen
  21. Bill Wilson
  22. John Henderson
  23. Roger
  24. Andrew
  25. Telephone meetings
  26. Face to face meetings
  27. Freedom from nicotine
  28. Freedom from alcohol
  29. Freedom from drugs
  30. Freedom from debt
  31. Freedom from underearning
  32. My writing ability
  33. My clients
  34. My iPad
  35. My net connection
  36. My wireless connection
  37. Electricity
  38. Gas
  39. Clean water
  40. Hot water
  41. Lights
  42. Windows
  43. Fresh air
  44. The canyon I look at from my home office window
  45. The yucca plants that bloom there
  46. The birds that play there for me.
  47. The  Eucalyptus trees in that canyon
  48. The scent of those trees
  49. The vegetable garden
  50. The rose bush
  51. The succulents a friend gave me
  52. The deck that overlooks the canyon
  53. Apple pie
  54. Dark turkey meat
  55. My car
  56. My car’s tires
  57. My car’s engine which is strong even at well over 200,000 miles.
  58. The roman shade that is almost finished
  59. The sewing machine
  60. Electric space heater at my feet
  61. Books to read
  62. Books to write
  63. Helen Chang
  64. Laurie Friedman
  65. Lori Widmer
  66. My mastermind group.
  67. Stephenie
  68. My three rugs – each special in its own way.
  69. My couch
  70. My recliner
  71. My desk
  72. Thomas Merton’s Thoughts in Solitude prayer
  73. Eggs
  74. Good coffee
  75. My espresso maker
  76. Half and half
  77. Shrimp
  78. Trader Joe’s stir fry vegies
  79. My telephone
  80. My cellphone
  81. The table Carol gave me
  82. The bench
  83. The patio table
  84. The patio chairs
  85. The umbrella
  86. Becky
  87. The fountain Becky gave me
  88. Ellie
  89. The new blog Ellie and I are putting together
  90. Email – most of the time
  91. WordPress
  92. Gary
  93. Rain
  94. Sunshine
  95. Bouganvilla
  96. The ‘net
  97. Good editors
  98. Coaching clients
  99. Mark Silver
  100. Guy Williams
  101. Jonathan Fields
  102. Carol Tice
  103. Jennifer Mattern
  104. Deb Ng
  105. The people taking my class on writing books
  106. The people taking the marketing class
  107. Linda
  108. Chris

There, and more people and blogs are coming to mind.

What or who are you grateful for?

Love and blessings to each and everyone of you, and of course, [sig]

Image of mala beads: AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by Wonderlane

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  • I love this exercise of listing things that I am grateful for. It helps shift our mind set and think of positive things if we are for some reason in a negative rut. Many times I see my kids being negative and grumpy so maybe we can all stop as a family and list things that we are grateful for. We can find joy in simplicity.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay recently posted..Ladybug baby shower decorationsMy Profile

    • Yeah, when I do it regularly, and right now I’m having a heck of a time ‘remembering’ to do it in the evening, it really helps. A member of my sanga mentioned he and his partner make a point to tell each other three things they are grateful for about the other and/or the relationship each evening. That impressed me.

  • What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, hon. I’ve admired you for a long time. And long ago it turned to love. 🙂

  • Thank you, Anne. As someone who has followed you since the very beginning (of freelance writing bloggers on the web) I can truly say that I’m thankful for you as well.

    And jealous because you have an iPad.
    Deb Ng recently posted..How Social Media Holds Us AccountableMy Profile

    • Deb… you’re great, now go get yourself an iPad… not only are they fun, the reason I got one, but they can be used for (gag) real work! You deserve one, maybe even two!

  • Love this list, and happy to be included!

    When I was waiting (AND waiting) for my first adopted baby, one of the things that got me through was the gratitude list. We would put anything that came into our heads on it, just to keep the positivity flowing.

    One favorite: “My house is not in the path of a lahar,” as are many in nearby Tacoma…

    Rabbi Rachel Naomi Remen says our blessings are so many, they’re like planes circling the airport, just trying to find a space in our lives in which to land and be noticed…I love that thought.

    On Friday nights at dinner at our house, we take time to mention our highlights of the week — the things that brought us joy. Can’t describe what an upper that is — my kids all look forward to it. It’s in human nature to remember the bad stuff — we have to work to keep the good stuff at the forefront of our minds.

    Great post Anne!
    Carol Tice recently posted..10 Best Articles for Writers — November 2010My Profile

  • jorgekafkazar

    I read all your list, Anne, and found it intriguing. Thirty five of your items also occur on my list, though I’ve added Lois to Bill and changed the car mileage, and made a few other minor tweaks, like Trader Joe’s in general–one just opened between home and church. White meat for dark. Freedom from alcohol became freedom from fixing people I love. Items unique to my list include Lulu, Wattsupwiththat.com, my writing workshops in Ojai and the South Bay, my kids, my mentor, my publicist, my director, my nearby Swedenborgian chapel, massage therapists, friends, local theater, my neighborhood, libraries, LA Metropolitan Opera, going barefoot, writing, editing, making people laugh, puzzles, British mystery novels & DVD’s, female vocalists, and House, MD. Not up to 108, yet. Oh, and you’re on my list, too, Anne. Still not up to 108, but now it’s long enough.

  • lol, it took me a while to understand the little things count in this list and in life… but it’s true… Thought of that when you talked about dry socks.

  • Love this list-I am going to have to give it a shot. Yours show that simple things can bring gratitude, too. 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..How Do You Spell SuccessMy Profile

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