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Ask Anne The Pro WriterDear Anne,

I’m a freelance writer and editor and finally getting around to having a website built for myself! Two questions for you:

  1. How many samples are too many? Obviously I have a lot of samples available. What is a good number to link to?
  2. Also, I have an incredible sample available online but it is with a client where things did not end well. Can I still link to that sample?

Thanks for your insight!


Hi JW,

One of the great things about websites is they don’t limit samples; you can point to and/or post as many as you like.

My suggestion is categorize them and give each link a name that will help prospective clients find what they are looking for. For example, if you have several pages where you did search engine optimization, title those SEO – dogs, SEO – cats, etc. Samples of corporate writing or MarCom can be grouped and titled, etc. etc. etc.

Don’t put up any samples of the kind of work you don’t want, only the kind you want more of.

As far as the sample with a perhaps unhappy client, I’d post it, maybe blanking identifiers, and not use that client as a reference.



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  • I swear, you’ve been reading my mind. I’ve been wondering about setting up an actual website, as opposed to a blog. I spend a lot of time going through possible samples and everything connected to it (especially the linking to samples that *are* online vs. pdf files of things I sold and don’t have an URL for)
    Jane Rutherford recently posted..Last-Minute WritingMy Profile


    I want to know, learn, and train to become a freelance writer this year going into the next. Can you email me for more information and whatever i need to learn and get hooked up. Thank you very much.

  • Pam

    I worked for an insurance company for the last 13 years and some copy I wrote is now online. However, it does not show my name or give me credit since it was written for the company use. One example – I wrote some safety material they have out online. Am I legally allowed to show the link to their site for these items on my blog as a sample of my writing?
    Pam recently posted..A little about me and youMy Profile

    • Probably it’s okay… and if they don’t like it you can always take it down. Just be sure any employment agreement you signed with them doesn’t specifically disallow this sort of thing.

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