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Friday Fun For Freelance Writers – What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Museum of Contemporary Art San DiegoIt’s the end of another week! Maybe it’s just because I’ve gotten older, but it sure seems time has speeded up. Okay, I know enough science to be reasonable sure any real changes in time are so minute I can’t perceive them. None-the-less I feel like I have less time in a week than I used to. Of course I can’t trust that kind of memory either.

This weekend I”m going to get to the VIVA LA REVOLUCION: A DIALOGUE WITH THE URBAN LANDSCAPE. The exhibition is both inside the downtown edition of San Diego’s Museum of Contemporary Art. I’ll probably do the inside this weekend and take a Sunday to do the outside since parking is free on Sunday. We’ll see.

Of course, great prep for the weekend and a bit of re-creation is the Creative Copy Challenge – Challenge 88!

What are you doing this weekend to recreate yourself?


Logo of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

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  • Hey Anne,

    I did some reinventing of my own…I finally took your advice and got my writer’s blog ready for the world!! I also updated by LinkedIn profile and sent you a connection request. If you get a chance, check out my blog and tell me what you think–www.raisedwrite.com. 🙂

  • I’m really trying hard these days to actually take at least part of the weekend off. So here’s what I’m doing: having lunch with my cousin today (starting a little early). And tomorrow, drum roll please, I’m going to watch the #1 ranked Oregon Ducks beat USC. Sorry to all you southern Californians, including you, Anne. There’s also a fabulous new one-painting exhibit at the Portland Art Museum that I’d really like to see.

    By the way, is it legit to vote for your video on the Nissan Leaf site more than once?

    • Me too… that’s why I’ve reshaped Friday Fun posts… to get me to do the things I say I will 😉

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