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Which Copywriting Course?

Freelance Writing SurveyRobert Aitken emailed me saying:

I am wondering if you can give an opinion on COPYWRITING COURSES. There are a million of them out there and I have been trying to wade through their websites to get a feel for which one might fit me.

I have been freelancing copywriting (mostly online/website content to date) for over a year now. It’s going well, profitable. I would like to get a bit more know-how on it all, and be able to show potential clients I have done some study in the area. I know experience is better than the piece of paper saying “completed”, however, where I live and work this piece of paper is everything.

Any recommendations?

He’s a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada, and his website is www.seenwriting.com

Since I know virtually nothing about these classes I decided to try a poll and asked him to send me a list of the copywriting courses he was considering.

The poll is here and there’s plenty of room for you to tell us about another copywriting course you know about – or two.

I’ll publish the results in a couple of weeks.


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