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It Never Rains In Southern California…

Are you old enough to remember that song? Well this youtube video sounds pretty much like what happened in my part of San Diego yesterday:

We need the rain and it was lovely… and hard, and lots more weather than we’re used to.

That’s the good news… the bad news is my office flooded… drips from a skylight, but major water driven in from the deck.

I’ve had help and we’re on the mend. Lots of bath towels need washing, a wet/dry vac has been used… and gotten up an amazing amount of water left. There are a couple of fans.

Tomorrow, while I’m gone, they are going to lift up the carpet in maybe a quarter of the office and really dry things off.

So you can expect me to be mostly missing until Monday.


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  • Thankfully you did not get major damage. It seems to me we are seeing some crazy weather patterns now, it rains in many places that normally do not receive much. The entire east coast just got drenched. One area in the south got over 21 inches of rain in just a few days.

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  • Yikes! Hope everything is okay and you get back to normal soon.

    I like thunderstorms, but they can keep their floods, tornadoes and damaging winds.
    Elizabeth West recently posted..Not Such a Bad Thing- When Rejection HelpsMy Profile

  • Flooding is awful. I’m so sorry. I hope that nothing irreplaceable was lost.

  • jorgekafkazar

    Sorry about the flooding, but dang, that thunder audio is great!

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    * “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.” –Kevin Trenberth

    • Flooding is solved, the thunder here was wonderful and I liked the audio too.

      You know, Jorge, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is interesting.

      Here’s another quote from Trenberth: “It is quite clear from the paper that I was not questioning the link between anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and warming, or even suggesting that recent temperatures are unusual in the context of short-term natural variability.” – http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/cas/trenbert.html

      You know, even if global warming is a total myth, or is a complete natural function of sun spots or whatever, things like the island of plastic in the pacific, the ever increasing population, and the decimation of species in favor, in this country and now China and India, in favor of asphalt gives me great concern for my grandkid’s future.

  • You have a great attitude about it–but why of all places, did it have to be your office? Sounds like things are well under control and you didn’t lose much, if anything. Still, its a pain. Sending you dry thoughts and good wishes.

  • Anne – very sorry to hear about the flooding. I hope everything dries out soon.

    In my parents’ neck of the woods, they also had flooding this weekend – they were kayaking past the front door to my dad’s office, in the street.

    • Benjamin! Compared to where your parents live, my flood is nothing! A few days mopping and with a giant fan and I think we’re all set. I kayak, but not that way!

  • Oh no–I hope nothing is too damaged, Anne.

    I remember the 1st year I moved to San Diego-way back in 1977. I’d like to say I was a child, but I’d be lying. Anyway, I’m working away when I suddenly get this weird feeling. I look up and all my coworkers are at the windows staring and ooh=ing and ahh-ing at the thunder storm. They just never saw anything like that – or not very much.

    Having been born in the Midwest, I found their reaction hilarious. Thinking dry thoughts for you.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Tying A Noose on Newsletter SubscriptionsMy Profile

    • Nothing ruined except some papers… just a pain… your dry thoughts are working 😉 I think. It actually is starting to sprinkle right now… this is very strange weather for us.

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