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Freelance Writing Jobs – Where I Search

Searching for a freelance writing jobWhen I first started posting freelance writing jobs I was the guide to freelance writing over at About.com. (Allena Tapia fills that position now, very well.) That was at least a decade ago. Back then I had to struggle to find four writing gigs to list. Today, of course, it’s quite different. Finding 50, 60 and even more real freelance jobs to publish three times a week has become fairly easy. The trick now is to sort out the legitimate from the scams.

Most of you know I define a freelance writing job as one you can do from home, in your pjs or less.

And most of you know I no longer post jobs regularly. I will, however, update this list for you from time-to-time – watch the newsletter.

Here’s where I now search for freelance writing jobs:

  1. http://write-jobs.blogspot.com/
  2. http://www.ed2010.com/jobs/whisperjobs
  3. http://workathomemafia.com/jobs/?jobcat=3
  4. Atlanta writing/editing – telecommute
  5. Atlanta writing for pay
  6. Austin writing/editing – telecommute
  7. Austin writing for pay
  8. Boston writing/editing – telecommute
  9. Boston writing for pay
  10. Chicago writing/editing – telecommute
  11. Chicago writing for pay
  12. Dallas writing/editing – telecommute
  13. Dallas writing for pay
  14. Houston writing/editing – telecommute
  15. Houstin writing for pay
  16. Las Vegas writing/editing – telecommute
  17. Las Vegas writing for pay
  18. Los Angeles writing/editing – telecommute
  19. Los Angeles writing for pay
  20. Miami writing/editing – telecommute
  21. Miami writing for pay
  22. Minneapolis writing/editing – telecommute
  23. Minneapolis writing for pay
  24. New York writing/editing – telecommute
  25. New York writing for pay
  26. Orange county writing/editing telecommute
  27. Orange county writing for pay
  28. Philadelphia writing/editing – telecommute
  29. Philadelphia writing for pay
  30. Phoenix writing/editing – telecommute
  31. Phoenix writing for pay
  32. Portland writing/editing – telecommute
  33. Portland writing for pay
  34. Raleigh writing/editing – telecommute
  35. Raleigh writing for pay
  36. Sacramento writing/editing – telecommute
  37. Sacramento writing for pay
  38. San Diego writing/editing – telecommute
  39. San Diego writing for pay
  40. Seattle writing/editing – telecommute
  41. Seattle writing for pay
  42. San Francisco Bay writing/editing – telecommute
  43. San Francisco Bay writing for pay
  44. Washington DC writing/editing – telecommute
  45. Washington DC writing for pay
  46. Blogger Jobs
  47. Bookbuilders of Boston Jobs Postings
  48. Copy Editor – Job Board – Careers – Jobs – Resumes
  49. Freelance and telecommuting jobs for writers – international
  50. Freelance Job Openings Hire a Freelancer
  51. Freelance Writing Jobs for Web and Print
  52. JournalismJobs.com – Job Listings
  53. mediabistro.com Job Listings
  54. The Problogger Job Board – Helping Bloggers find jobs
  55. The Write Jobs
  56. Journalism, Media and Publishing Job Listings
  57. UC Berkeley Journalism – Jobs Database
  58. Writing Job’s blog Telecommute Job List
  59. Morning Coffee Job List


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