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What Can You Tell Me About Tech Writing Certificates?

tech writingDear Anne,

I have been reading communiqué about freelancing as a writer and if you could steer me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. My local college has courses in English and Creative Writing, But I have never seen any offerings for Technical Writing.

Could you tell me about A Technical Writing Certificate? I would like to know how many classes or units I would take. I live in Southern California, Los Angeles is about 90 minutes away by car.

Thank you for your time.


BL: Aspiring writer

Hi BL,

No, this isn’t the sort of thing I know. I’ve done a lot of technical writing but I never got a certificate.

One of my sons is also a tech writer and I think he did get a certificate or at least some classes he can point to when he got his Bachelors Degree in something.

As I understand it a Tech Writing Certificate is just that – certifies that you’ve had some formal training in tech writing. I’m sure the details vary depending on where you get it.

If your local community college doesn’t offer one, look around. There may well be a tech school of some sort in your area.

On a hunch I googled online technical writing classes and there are lots of listings there. Check some out.

I’d also check with some local high tech employers and just ask if they require a certificate before they hire a tech writer. If they do, they may also have some suggestions about a good way to get the certificate.

Good luck.




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  • Check with your local university and see if they have an extension office. For example, UC San Diego Extension offers technical writing courses and if I remember correctly, quite a few of them are offered online. See if your university offers something similar.

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