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8 Must-Haves For Your Freelance Writing Website

writers web siteI keep telling you every freelance writer, including  you should have a website, and I believe it. Here’s what I think you must have on it:

  1. Your name. Seems obvious, but I’ve seen names left off.
  2. Your contact information. Yes, some people hesitate to put their phone number and address on their site. These days the address probably isn’t necessary but I think a phone number is. You want to make it easy for that prospective client to pick up the phone and call you.
  3. Your email address – and don’t mess with it. Don’t do the myname (at) my domain.com even though that may lesson some spam. Such tricks make it a bit more difficult for your customer to get in touch.
  4. If you use an email form, that’s fine, but be sure to also include your email address. Some people (like me) really don’t like the forms. Some people use non-standard browsers or may be surfing with their phone. You don’t want any barriers at all.
  5. The kind of freelance writing you do and some samples. I like to have both links to online writing and a few samples they can read on the web – your writing copied into a web page. A few .pdf files is a nice, but not necessary touch.
  6. A resume or list of credits of your freelance writing – as it grows it builds confidence for both you and visitors.
  7. A few testimonials. Particularly those that speak well of the kind of writing you really want to do.
  8. Your rates – I know people disagree with me. I post my rate range as a screening device. At least consider it carefully.

You can, of course, have all sorts of other things, including photos, your story, links to other sites (not competitors, but sites that a client might find helpful, etc.) Keep in mind, however, that what you want from your website is more freelance writing business.

What’s on your site that I’ve missed?


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  • Hi Anne.
    Seems like I did something wrong with the HTML tags. Part of my post is in italics, and beyond that, everybody else’s post is in italics. When I tried to correct it, I accidentally double-posted. Can you make this right, please? I’m really sorry about the mess.

  • I have a couple of sites and a reader on my personal one suggested I put up my picture. She thought that readers would connect more with me when they have a face to see.

    I haven’t done that yet on my copywriting site, but I’m planning to. (Plus, adding some of your good suggestions and your readers’ suggestions.)
    Nina Lewis recently posted..WelcomeMy Profile

  • Excellent points! I have helpful videos, resources, and my newsletter sign up box. I also created a cover page to make my website look more professional.
    Rebecca recently posted..Increase Sales and Web Traffic with Target”-Blank”My Profile

  • The one big “if I knew then what I know now” suggestion is some “freebies.” Some report, e-book, simple lists, whatever, to give readers a reason to stop by and maybe hang around a bit. I’m still trying to build mine up.

    Also, not required, but I’d add the social media icons with the links to your profiles. Again, it’s that make it easy to get in touch with you. Make sure your email is in the footer or in some area that it is on every page they go to.

    There’s my 2 cents. Thanks, Anne. 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Do Others Trash Your Blog TopicMy Profile

  • I understand the reluctance to put an address (I admit I hesitated). However, there are advantages. A few weeks ago, I got… fan mail! One of my readers used my address to send me a postcard thanking me. I have it propped up on my desk – can’t do that with an email.
    Jodi Kaplan recently posted..Is Your Marketing Like Blockbuster VideoMy Profile

    • Fan mail! Way cool.

      • This reminds me of my first fan mail. I was in school at that time, 14 years old, and had just published something (very predictably- about my school), and I remember we had a major exam that day. When all the papers had been collected, the invigilator called out my name and gave me that postcard- it was extremely embarrassing: everybody stared, and one guy even went on to ask “Do you use the school address as your postal address?” Turned out that it was a “fan” mail from an alumnus of the same school, and he’d felt so proud to read about our school in the paper that he felt it necessary to write to me.
        Maybe it was a mark of how much it embarrassed me that I tore it into pieces and threw it away, but sometimes, I do wish I still have it.

        P.S. I happen to love hate mail more than fan mail. Even if it can be horrible enough to make someone cry, I think it is something that fills you with the motivaton to improve.

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