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Thinking Of A Redesign

Freelance Writing SurveySome dust has settled in my life and I’m thinking about a redesign of this blog.

So I’ve put together a survey for you.

Most of the questions are open ended. It’s done with Google Docs which means your answers will be displayed for me in a spreadsheet, making it easier, I hope, to understand what you want.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll run this for a week or so, then sum up the answers in case your curious.

Ideas welcome in comments too – and isn’t that a golden pencil?


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • Hi Anne,
    Great idea on putting together a survey for your Site users! I’ve already submitted my suggestions on the Google Docs Form you’ve provided, but just wanted to say that I think ‘About Freelance Writing’ is a tremendous and valuable resource for all Writers worldwide.
    As a Copywriter and Editor of a Writing and Marketing-orientated Website, ‘Write2Profit’, the suggestions I added on the Form are intended only to make the Site work even better, in my opinion. But I’ve always been impressed with the content (and hard work) put into your Site, and only wish for it to go from strength to strength – and be even more successful – for all of us!
    Hope to see the results of your survey in due course.
    Thanks, Andy

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