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Ideal Reader – I Told You So!

crowd of readersI just love it when someone I respect agrees with me.

Jonathan Fields who does a wonderful blog on life, work, play, and how they all fit together, used this headline: The Moment You Speak To The World, You Speak to No One.

I laughed out loud when I saw it in his newsletter this morning, because even without reading it I knew exactly what he’s talking about. I’ll bet you do too if you think about it a bit.

Like Jonathan I often have new freelance writers tell me their book or article is “for the world” or “for everyone.”

It’s not true, of course. Nothing that has ever been written is for everyone. Think about it. Even the stop sign at the corner gets ignored by emergency vehicles.

I write on this topic too. For example Write For Your Ideal Reader spells out the why and the how from a writer’s point of view.

Read both articles – Jonathan Field’s is excellent and his suggestion that we’re helping solve a specific problem is a great take on the subject. (Besides, in his photo he’s got wonderful, dreamy eyes!)

Of course, I like my article too. (It’s so nice to get to the place where I really like my writing!)

How do you choose which reader to write for or what problem to solve?


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  • welll… maybe you are the target audience… just talked about in the third person… sounds like a book I might like too.

  • I’m struggling with this right now. People always say “Write the kind of book you yourself would want to read.” The trouble is when you approach an agent, they’re going to ask you who your target audience is. For something like YA books that deal with girls’ body images, that might be easy.

    The book I’m querying now is part crime novel, part romance, part thriller. Who would read it? I don’t know. I guess I really need to figure that out!

    One thing countless websites preach is to go to the bookstore and look for books like yours. See where they fall in terms of category, placement and marketing. Then when you query your dream agent, you can definitely tell him/her who you think will shell out for the thing.
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