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Getting Your Book Written Class Now Open!

Yes, you can actually go register for Getting Your Book Written With Vision & Sprint – and the first lesson comes almost immediately.

  • Who is the class for? Anyone who wants to get a book written.
  • Will this work for fiction and non-fiction? Yes. I’ve successfully coached fiction writers as well as non-fiction writers.
  • Now is the class presented? There are 21 video lessons. Each lesson also has a text version. You’ll get an email notifying you of each lesson, complete with links. There is also a private forum where you’ll interact with classmates and me AND there will be 5 conference phone calls with me and your classmates. Not only can you use the lessons as they come, you get to keep the lessons and the transcripts to use forever.
  • Do you promise I’ll get my book written? Lol, of course not! But I do promise you will learn what you need to learn in order for you to complete your book. I can encourage, I can tell you what I know, I can help you troubleshoot but I can’t do it for you. (Well, actually I can… I’m a ghostwriter after all, and there is a bit about ghostwriting and coaching in the class too.)
  • Are there any signup bonuses? Yes, you’ll immediately get links to 5 ebooks about writing and running your writing business.
  • I’ve got other questions… There is a FAQ; check that and if you still have questions contact me. For the class use: anne@gettingyourbookwritten.com with Question About Class in the subject line.

Oh, and the cost? I mere $29.95 a month! How about that?

Go register right nowlet’s get started Getting Your Book Written!


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  • Hello Anne,
    I did enrol yesterday ( 7 Sept) but have not received any email confirmations as yet. Am I supposed to ?

    • Cellene… I’ll check, but it won’t be until this afternoon… with 92 jobs this morning has gotten semi-frantic and I need to leave in about 10 minutes.

  • Hi Anne, Any chance we could pick and choose lessons? I have a book draft written but am interested in the latter half of your scope of lessons.

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