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Tomorrow Is The Day!

How To Write A BookTomorrow is the day that Getting Your Book Written With Vision & Spirit will finally open.

You’ll get complete details then – a quick overview is:

  • 21 video lessons, each with its own text version as well
  • a private membership forum
  • 5 telephone calls with me and your fellow students

All geared to help you finally get that book written.

Why tomorrow?

Because I had to pick a date, and Sept. 7 seemed like a good one. (One friend suggested it was an unconscious back-to-school date – maybe.)

And yes, it’s a bit scary since I’ve never done anything quite like this before. But I’ve written books, for myself and others, coached writers through the process and learned some things along the way and that’s what I’m doing in the class – teaching, showing you, discussing with you everything I know about writing books.

So heads up – tomorrow is the launch.



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  • Bonnie

    Will it come in the form of an email, or is there a time to tune in? Email is best for me as I keep odd hours. Would love to get the outline part straightened out as my subject is complex. When I go back through it I’ve made the mistake of making changes only to realize it is covered in another area.

    I do want to know more.

  • Windwalker

    Like Donna asked, “What’s the cost:” Affordability is definitely a factor…

  • Lindilu

    I have been trying to write a book for years. I have gotten several good starts, but then get bogged down with wondering which direction would carry my story line best. I have tried outlining but then I get obssessed with outlining. I sure hope I can afford this course so I can finally get this finished!

  • Good luck!!! I am looking forward to it. It comes at a very good time for me:)

  • Jim

    “…each with it’s [sic] own text version…”

    No.”it’s” is a contraction of “it is”. Lose the apostrophe.

    That said, you are making a living writing and I am collecting rejections.


    • Apostrophe lost… and believe me, one lesson in the class is devoted to editing… and to copy editing… and yes, I’m making a living and yes I hire copy editors for books… blogging just doesn’t pay that much yet for me… and it happens too quickly. Thanks

  • Hey Anne: What is the cost of this course?

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