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Essential Time Management Tips for Freelancers

time managementTime management is a skill that every freelance writer should master. It’s essential to know how to prioritize tasks, stay focused, and allocate time properly. These things will help you complete your assignments on time and keep income rolling in, both essential elements to ensure your freelancing career stays afloat.

To help freelance writers manage their time better, I’ve outlined a few useful tips and tricks of the trade. First, make and maintain a schedule. When you first start out freelancing most people think they’ll have so much time to relax, do work at their leisure, complete household chores, etc. But that isn’t always the case.

The easiest way for your freelancing to get off track is to get swamped with all of the non-work related elements of life. For example, waking up late, cleaning the house, making a quick stop at the grocery store, and stopping for coffee with a friend. Before you know it, the entire day is spent and you haven’t completed any assignments. To avoid this pitfall, create a routine for yourself and stick to it. Wake up every day at the same time and make a work to-do list for the day.

Another useful tip for managing your time is to learn how to prioritize your work assignments and the time you do have. Try this: when you create your “to-do” list for the day, allocate your assignments at specific times based on due date or urgency. For example, assignment one will take two hours, so I will work on this from 10am to 12pm, and assignment two will only take 30 minutes, so I can complete that right now. Doing this will keep you on task throughout the day and help you complete your assignments in an orderly fashion.

It is also important for freelancers to leave time for themselves and market research. Pencil a coffee break or a walk around the block into your schedule. This will help you recharge your creative battery and relieve any work tensions that build up throughout the day. Also, market research is an important element to freelancing that shouldn’t go unaddressed. If you have spare time at the end of the day or completed an assignment faster than anticipated, spend that time conducting market research. Read the news, blogs, writing or marketing websites to discover what the hop topics are at that given time. Learn about new trends in the industry and stay abreast of current events. These things will come in handy as new assignments roll in.

With these helpful tips, all freelancers, both new and experienced, can manage their valuable time more efficiently.

Tim Handorf writes on the topics of online colleges. He welcomes your comments at his email Id: tim.handorf.20@googlemail.com

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