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Organizations For Writers and Writer’s Groups

Resource Roundup TuesdayAwhile back I blogged about Lists of Professional Organizations For Writers – Resource Roundup Tuesday. I’ve updated it and you’ll find more writing organizations than you can possible use.

Then I started just poking around doing some google searches and uncovered some links to blogs I found interesting and maybe valuable, including:

  • The National Association of Science Writers – with links to various blogs about science I find interesting and probably wouldn’t have found any other way. Like Science Blogging, a directory of science blogs – worth bookmarking for sure.
  • Association of Afghan Blog Writers – sporadic posts and a link to other Afghans who blog in English which is an amazing journey just to read through.
  • LAWriter’s Group – I’ve been aware of these folks through their newsletter. It’s an outstanding example of how a writer’s group can make use of the web.

  • The Page A Day Writers Group – active since 2004, these fiction writers meet monthly, right here in San Diego and I didn’t know about them! Again, for those of you not in San Diego, this could be a great model.

The take-away from this resource round up is to take a few minutes once and awhile and explore the web.

What have you found on the web recently?


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