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How Do I Get An Advance On A Book?

Ask Anne About Freelance WritingHi Anne,
I’m a freelance writer trying to find funding to do some research for a book. It will be the first book dedicated to this subject.

So far I have the 1st chapter written, but I need advance funding to continue my research because there will be some risky travel involved.

As I only have a few pieces of short fiction & some articles published, what would be the best way for me to approach a publisher for a small advance on a book deal?

Thanks for any advice,


Hi Mike,

If your book is truly the first and if the topic is timely, you may be able to get an advance through a book proposal. Book proposals can go to agents or to publisher, but not both.

As it happens, I publish an ebook on book proposals that I know has helped people sell their books.  It’s not the only good reference on the topic, but…

I’d also comment that the proposal is to sell the book, not necessarily  to raise funds for travel or research. Yes, there are some publishers who will provide money for research, but they are pretty rare.

It may make sense to seek a grant.  Hope Clark at FundsForWriters is the expert on grants for writers.

Good luck, and let us know what works.

If you’ve got a question about freelance writing, send it to me with Q&A in the subject line and I’ll do my best to answer it.


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  • Michele

    My book is currently in the design phase and now they are contacting me for marketing. I had only planned on writing the book for my daughter, but my friends thought it would be a book that many can use, so they talked me into getting it published. Needless to say I was shocked at how much marketing can cost. What do you suggest I do to obtain the funds to market it, since I didn’t save for this? Obtain a credit card with value of matching miles for travel, hotel, etc., or find an investor or personal line of credit with a bank? Thank you in advance for your advice!

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