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Freelance Writing Jobs For Friday, August 20, 2010

job search bugToday we have 73 writing, editing, blogging, translation and etc. jobs.

Job Postings Here Are The Tip Of A Great Big Iceberg! A must-read if you’re new to freelance writing, editing, blogging or translating or new to looking for gigs online How To Find and Land Freelance Writing Gigs is an ever growing category listing articles about how to get freelance writing jobs and the article, How to land a writing job is aimed at helping you when you apply to one of the freelance writing jobs listed here.

  1. Hiring Nonfiction Freelance Writers! Suite101 currently has openings for nonfiction freelance writers across all subject matters. With over 4,000 writers, 24 million monthly readers and lifelong advertising royalties, Suite101 offers a well-established platform for getting published, read and paid. Apply to write for us today.
  2. Technical Writer and Research Assistant Needed
  3. Hiring Blog Content Writers / Proofreaders
  4. African/African Amer. Women Mag

  5. Journalist Needed
  6. Health and Beauty Writers
  7. Looking for a blog writer
  8. Assistant Editor for Bi-Weekly Newspaper
  9. Blog Writer Needed
  10. Freelancer needed with background/experience in nursing
  11. Looking for a Translator German into English
  12. Wanted: Talented Freelance Writers for City Guide
  13. Content Producer
  14. Chicago Art, Theatre and Film Magazine
  15. Virtual Assistant – Work From Home-(Writing tasks)
  16. Resume expert needed
  17. Arts & Entertainment: PT freelance
  18. Earn extra income by sharing your juiciest business stories!
  19. Cell Phone Expert/Writer Wanted
  20. Freelance Writer – Groupon
  21. Subject-Expert Writers Wanted
  22. Website Sales Content Writer
  23. Christian faith based scripts
  24. Seeking Freelance Blogger

  25. Content Writer for Website
  26. Appliance Writer
  27. Needing translation of Swahili
  28. SEO Writing for Web Dev Company
  29. Write about Technology / Gadgets
  30. Website Article Writer Wanted
  31. Seeking freelance writers
  32. RFP / Bid / Proposal Writers Part-Time $20K + Per Year
  33. Products Writing
  34. Need Press Release Written
  35. Contract Grants Writer
  36. Tech and business writer
  37. Need a great writer asap
  38. Copywriters
  39. Wine Expert/Writer Wanted
  40. Need Greek to English translation
  41. Writer/Editor for online blog(s)
  42. News Editor
  43. Health Writers Wanted
  44. Editor/Proofreader – Spanish required
  45. Seeking Ghost Writer for Non-Fiction Book
  46. Technology Editor / Writer for an IT Social Network
  47. In need of a writer…….
  48. Articles for Investing Site
  49. German Translator needed
  50. Freelance Proofreaders/Editors Needed
  51. Book Editor needed
  52. Need someone to translate Written Russian
  53. Freelance Fashion Writers – Fashion Hippo – San Francisco, CA
  54. Financial Freelance Ghostwriter – PRWRITENOW – United States
  55. Resume Writer
  56. Comedy Writing Assistant
  57. Smart Freelance Writers
  58. Versatile Blogger

Low Paying Gigs:

  1. Metronome Review Looking For Music Reporters
  2. Top SEO Agency Needs Writers
  3. Keyword Editing for Cartoons
  4. Iphone App — Copy Needed

  5. Bloggers needed ASAP
  6. Small language translation job
  7. Writer need immediately for English writing project
  8. Love, Sex, Relationships: News & Trends Blogger
  9. Skateboarding Enthusiasts
  10. Ghost Writer / Researcher
  11. We Need Writers Like You

It might Be Worth Considering:

  1. Pet Loving Bloggers – Earn 100% Ad Revenue Share
  2. Can you rewrite book and do promotion
  3. Power Point Wiz
  4. Need someone to help me write short ebook kits

Canadian writing job seekers may find what they want at the Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Blog.  FreelanceWritingGigs. Problogger also posts blogging jobs. John Hewitt also publishes jobs for writers.

Write well and often,


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  • Pam

    I am interested in reading your articles today (particularly the greeting card one), but they aren’t coming up as listed. They are coming up the same as yesterday’s instead…

  • Kathleen

    Head’s up… #3 is selling services more than paying. You must purchase something to be considered.

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