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Friday Fun For Freelance Writers

Okay, gang. Here’s my suggestion for some real fun this Friday:

Go on over to Creative Copy Challenge for Challenge # 64. Do the writing assignment there.

Now, unless you’re on a real deadline, turn off the computer and get outside. Beaches, bays, rivers, public pools highly recommended. So is gardening or just sitting under some shade with a cold drink.

If it’s too hot where you are to enjoy the outdoors, stay in and do something non-writing related. Read a novel, take a nap, play with your kids or pets, call a friend, or simply stare into space.

Ahhhhhhh. Doesn’t even the idea of getting away from the computer for a few hours feel like fun?

What are you doing for fun this Friday?


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  • When I lived in San Diego, I always had a beach chair in my trunk. Sign, miss my San Diego.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..5 Questions Customers Ask That You Need To AnswerMy Profile

  • I keep a folded up beach chair in the back seat of my car and make a point of spending a couple of hours by the lake writing. It’s what keeps me sane!

    • Anne

      In summer I keep a boogie board in my trunk for the same reason.

  • It’s Friday? What happened to Thursday?

    For fun, I think I’ll sit at the computer and write a Sherlock Holmes story.
    jorgekafkazar recently posted..Watcher in the Night decipheredMy Profile

    • Anne

      Share it with us when it’s done, or close

  • Shopping for recliners…ahhh….feet up in front of the air conditioner. 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Keyword Search Made SimpleMy Profile

  • Anne, I’ve started to listen to audio books in my car. I’ve turned what was a 3-hours of daily brain-numbing time into an awesome time of learning and entertainment. I’ve “read” more books this way in the last few months that I have in the past few years as a result. And I’m much happier.

    • Anne

      Shane, my son does that. I’ve taken a different tack and eliminated the commute – well almost, from my bedroom to my office – 6 steps I think.

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